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According to Webster: “ma·nip·u·la·tion,” Shrewd or devious management.

Question: What’s the difference between shrewd and devious?

just like the federal governmen

According to Webster: “shrewd,” (in context) Keen awareness and a sense of the practical.

don't worry Congressman 1

According to Webster: “de·vi·ous,” (in context) Withdrawing from the correct or accepted method.

Question: How does one individual manipulate another?

Simple questions are always my favorite, by “seduction or cajolery.”

Question: What’s the difference between seducing and cajoling? 

Pied Piper - graphic 1a


According to Webster: “se·duce,” (in context) To lead away from accepted principles, or proper conduct.

America's welfare 1a


According to Webster: “ca·jole,” (in context) To urge with gentle and repeated appeals.

Question: Do I, (in the composition of my offerings) engage in seduction or cajolery?

Absolutely! As sharing my thoughts is an action from which I expect a result.

Question: And what might that result be?

more informed Americans - Einst

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Is the Government in your rearview mirror?

in your rearview mirror

Between Alec Baldwin wanting to know what’s in your wallet and William Devane asking you what’s in your safe, one has to wonder if there’s anyone left in this country who has read the Fourth Amendment? 

modern American family 3

(Modern American family).

fourth amendment text 1

The Fourth Amendment (Amendment IV) to the United States Constitution is the part of the Bill of Rights that prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures and requires any warrant to be judicially sanctioned and supported by probable cause. It was adopted in response to the abuse of the writ of assistance, a type of general search warrant issued by the British government and a major source of tension in pre-Revolutionary America.

The Fourth Amendment was introduced in Congress in 1789 by James Madison, along with the other amendments in the Bill of Rights, in response to Anti-Federalist objections to the new Constitution. Congress submitted the amendment to the states on September 28, 1789. By December 15, 1791, the necessary three-quarters of the states had ratified it.

Thomas Jefferson - portrait 1

(Thomas Jefferson).

On March 1, 1792, Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson announced the adoption of the amendment.

Because the Bill of Rights did not initially apply to the states, and federal criminal investigations were less common in the first century of the nation’s history, there is little significant case law for the Fourth Amendment before the 20th century.

The amendment was held to apply to the states in Mapp v. Ohio (1961). Under the Fourth Amendment, search and seizure (including arrest) had to be limited in it’s scope according to specific information supplied to the issuing court, by a law enforcement officer who has sworn by it.

Fourth Amendment case law deals with three central questions: what government activities constitute “search” and “seizure”; what constitutes probable cause for these actions; and how violations of Fourth Amendment rights should be addressed.

Early court decisions limited the amendment’s scope to a law enforcement officer’s physical intrusion onto private property, but with Katz v. United States (1967), the Supreme Court held that its protections, such as the warrant requirement, extend to the privacy of individuals as well as physical locations.

Law enforcement officers need a warrant for most search and seizure activities, but the Court has defined a series of exceptions for consent searches, motor vehicle searches, evidence in plain view, exigent circumstances, border searches, and other situations.

The exclusionary rule is one way the amendment is enforced. Established in Weeks v. United States (1914), this rule holds that evidence obtained through a Fourth Amendment violation is generally inadmissible at criminal trials.

Evidence discovered as a later result of an illegal search may also be inadmissible as “fruit of the poisonous tree,” unless it inevitably would have been discovered by legal means. (Source Wikipedia).

If memory serves, (and it does), the first telephone my family ever had was a large black apparatus that hung on the wall between our dining room and our kitchen.

Its most fascinating attribute was a hand crank on the left side that featured a small pear-shaped brass knob.

It’s most annoying feature was the six other families on the same line.

My point, folks weren’t any more fond of someone having access to their privacy when I was a lad, than they are now.

Question: So why do we elect people to represent us in this nation that either don’t understand the “Fourth Amendment” of our Constitution, ..or who simply don’t respect it?

welcome to my America 1a

my mother wouldn't lie to me 1 - Copy

I am the president 1

Obama - looking at you 1a

everyone is doing 1

under scrutiny 1

page break - Pickwick 1

When I was a young man, I often hunted with an older fellow who once told me that to be safe from dangers in the woods, I didn’t need a gun, ..I just needed ta’ run faster than those I was with.

running from bear 1

Sadly, ‘ol anecdotic “canards” just don’t hold true anymore.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Now and then, (rhetoric)..


blah blah blah - graphic 1

According to Webster: “rhet·o·ric,” The art or study of using language effectively and persuasively.

Cinderella  - graphic 1a

I received a comment from an individual a few weeks back that missed my readers forum because I, (in my mastery of perception), ..felt it was too simplistic.

The young woman wrote; …

It’s taken me all of the last six months to read everything that you’ve written to date. I write copy for an advertising firm in New York City, so my question is, (if you have no staff), not only how do you write what you write every day, but why do you do it?” ..the communiqué was signed: “Cinderella”.

The second reason I declined to use her comment was that her email address was either illegitimate, (as reported by my Internet provider), or it was blocked?

same difference  - page break

Either way, the young ladies question was “legitimate” and it has haunted me every day sense that I dismissed her.

Accordingly, today is dedicated to providing “Cinderella” with her due… 

glass slipper 2

Hello Cinderella, as stated categorically more than enough times to be categorized as boring; “I have no staff, crew or helpers here in my dungeon, i.e., (basement), where I daily perpetrate “Pearls of Profundity,” ..and/or, as defined in the pages of Merriam-Webster’s publication; “Wisdom.”

My answer, (at least in my mind), is simple; I utilize my memory, my imagination and the First Amendment. 

first amendment text - scroll

Two score and sixteen years ago, at the end of my freshman year in high school, I had a “coveted” appointment with the Disney Company for a summer job.

I was an art major in school with a passion for history, (to be specific), early “American and Western” history, and a lack of appreciation for the English language that could be classified as monumental.

Accordingly, had I not learn to read and appreciate “words” from reading Western novels during my years in elementary school, tying my shoes might have been the pinnacle of my accomplishments in life.

Reading was my salvation as a kid with two older brothers to whom, I was an (eternal irritant), particularly on the mornings before school when it was necessary to make sure that their breath was fresh and that every hair was in place…

I still have no comprehensive grasp of punctuation and if it wasn’t for Microsoft’s spell check, (my fan club) a group of obsessed spelling groupies…

Roman legion - graphic 1A

Would be legion, …

minor-league - graphic 1A

..instead of minor-league. 

In short, I write what I write because I can. I’m 72 years old and I like people, ..and, to be blunt, (pisses me off) when folks who draw salaries (from decent men and women), i.e., “taxpayers” under the (guise), …

According to Webster: “guise,” False appearance; pretense.

Obamacare cartoon 1a

..of representing and helping people, do just the opposite.

I also do what I do, ..because ( I ) need something to justify my existence.

Question: Why is it that the good folks in Washington, (that claim) they’re concerned about our health put warning labels on everything from cigarettes to peanut butter, – albeit when it comes to one of the greatest hazards to man that mankind has ever known, – there is no warning label.

ravenous parasite - Obama 1a

A ravenous parasite in the Oval Office…

According to Webster: “par·a·site,” An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.

2. One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.

3. One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.

In closing, for those of you who may not own a dictionary?

feet on desk - Obama 1

According to Webster: “syc·o·phant,” A servile self-seeker who attempts to win favor by flattering influential people.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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United “We” Stand, Americans..

liberty - forever

A divided and impoverished America as Barack Obama has been working towards since his first inaugural, …

liberty on the beach the first step to the “undoing and ruin” of America. 

Beginning with Adolf Hitler, every tyrant and terrorist on this planet has understood that America is “unconquerable” as long as it’s citizens have the…

right to keep and bear arms - g

The socialist and communist in our government have once again failed by a (marginal) vote of 53 to 46 in their quest to place our Second Amendment under the control of the… 

United Nations building - New Y

(United Nations).

Which to my way of thinking, and (in my opinion) to the way of thinking of every “true” American,” is an act of …

treason - page break

..for which (in my considered opinion) every individual listed below who voted to relinquish a portion of “our” Constitution into the control of not just one foreign nation, ..albeit into the control of 193 foreign nations, ..should all, (immediately), be impeached and “expeditiously” transported to the socialist, or communist country of their choice.

As I believe that every liberal politician on this planet should have the right to go to bed at night knowing that they live in a country where only a “criminal” has the means to (end) their pathetic (autocratic) life.

According to Webster: “au·to·crat,” (in context) A person with unlimited power or authority.

 let freedom ring - page break 2

U.N. Resolution 2117 lists 21 points dealing with firearms control, …

The most interesting of which is, (or should be), …

Point number 11, which calls for member states to support weapons collection and disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants, as well as physical security and stockpile management (programmes) by United Nations peacekeeping operations where so mandated.

(Sidebar), …

To my detractors who will undoubtedly race to let me know that the word (programs) in the text is spelled wrong.

I invite you to visit… 

This URL will take you to the text as written in the bill. 


God bless America 2

Now to which 46 Senators voted to transfer jurisdiction of our Second Amendment to 193 foreign nations…

In a 53-46 vote, the Senate narrowly passed a measure that will stop the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, that reads; …

“To uphold Second Amendment rights and prevent the United States from entering into the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty.” The U.N. Small Arms Treaty, which has been championed by the Obama Administration, would have effectively placed a global ban on the import and export of small firearms. The ban would have affected all private gun owners in the U.S. and had language that would have implemented an international gun registry on (all) private guns and ammo.”

Embarrassingly, 46 out of our 100 United States Senators were willing to usurp a portion of the U.S. Constitution and place it under foreign control.

Note; Each of the names below is a man or a woman who took an oath to uphold and enforce the laws of this nation, which if my exiguous education is correct, are all based on our Constitution.

Democrats opposed to freedom

Baldwin (D-WI), – Baucus (D-MT), – Bennett (D-CO), – Blumenthal (D-CT), – Boxer (D-CA), – Brown (D-OH), – Cantwell (D-WA), – Cardin (D-MD), – Carper (D-DE), 

Casey (D-PA), – Coons (D-DE), 0 Cowan (D-MA), – Durbin (D-IL), – Feinstein (D-CA), – Franken (D-MN), – Gillibrand (D-NY), – Harkin (D-IA), – Hirono (D-HI),

Johnson (D-SD), – Kaine (D-VA), – King (I-ME), – Klobuchar (D-MN), – Landrieu (D-LA), – Leahy (D-VT), – Levin (D-MI), – McCaskill (D-MO), – Menendez (D-NJ),

Merkley (D-OR), – Mikulski (D-MD), – Murphy (D-CT), – Murray (D-WA), – Nelson (D-FL), – Reed (D-RI), – Reid (D-NV), – Rockefeller (D-WV), – Sanders (I-VT), –

Schatz (D-HI), – Schumer (D-NY), – Shaheen (D-NH), – Stabenow (D-MI), – Udall (D-CO), – Udall (D-NM), – Warner (D-VA), – Warren (D-MA), – Whitehouse (D-RI),

Wyden (D-OR).

There are 21 U.S. Senate seats up for re-election in 2014 that are currently held by Democrats,

Democrats up for election

Alaska, – Mark Begich *

Arkansas, – Mark Pryor *

Colorado, – Mark Udall *

Delaware, – Chris Coons *

Hawaii, – (no candidate). ***

Illinois, – Dick Durbin *

Iowa, – Bruce Braley *

Louisiana, – Mary Landrieu *

Massachusetts, – Ed Markey *

Michigan, – (no candidate). ***

Minnesota, – Al Franken *

Montana. – (No candidate). *

New Hampshire, – Jeanne Shaheen *

New Jersey, – Cory Booker *

New Mexico, – Tom Udell *

North   Carolina, – Kay Hagan *

Oregon, – Jeff Merkley *

Rhode Island, – Jack Reed *

South Dakota, – (no candidate). ***

Virginia, – Mark Warner *

West Virginia, – Natalie Tennant *

America only needs to rescue six seats from the Democrats to secure “our” Freedom, ..but wouldn’t all 21 be better?

Uncle Sam to the rescue 2

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Hate, Indifference and Stupidity..

prejudiced 1

Question: When, why and where did hate, indifference and stupidity originate?

And of course, (at least in my opinion), the “correct” answer would be, man’s “Social Trinity” originated where indeed and in fact, all social directives originate, the mind of man. 

Albert Einstein - rationality 2a

Question: Is hate rational? 

According to Webster: “ra·tion·al,” (in context) adj. Having or exercising the ability to reason.

hate - graphic 1a

According to Webster: “hate,” To feel hostility or animosity.

Question: Can you provide me with a rational explanation of why black folks think white people hate them and why white folks think black people feel the same?

I served in the military in combat with black men in Vietnam, so for those of you who have not experienced the horrifying taste of “military combat.” let me be perfectly clear…

in war - page break 2a

..there is “no disdain” for the man standing beside you, due to the color of his skin, his religion or his political affiliations.

trust with your life 2 trust him with your life, and he trust you with his. 

Question: If Americans in “combat ” can achieve this trust and solidarity, ..why can’t Americans, black, brown, white or in between, achieve trust and solidarity in life at home?

Simple, because combat demands that men work together to stay alive, whereas a society that is motivated by commerce, demands that people compete for a piece of the pie.

page break - Pickwick 1

I find it monumentally frustrating that after two hundred and thirty-seven years of prosperity (beyond that) of any other nation on this planet, …

Barry and Karl - graphic 2a

..that half of America’s population is following a (monarchal minded) “Marxist Communist” ..whose ultimate goal, (in my humble opinion), is to eradicate the U.S. Constitution.

disdain for the Constitution

According to Webster: “e·rad·i·cate,” (in context) To tear up by the roots.

And in doing so, (make way) for the good folks who belong to the “Council on Foreign Relations,” i.e., the (CFR), and the Rothschild family among other “bankers and elitist” to forge forward and create (their) “One World Order.

page break - sounds un-American

Ya Think? 

According to Webster: “in·dif·fer·ence,” The state or quality of being indifferent… 

by Plato 2a

But we don’t have anyone in America who is (indifferent) to our Constitution, we? 

immigration is my jurisdiction

Immigration is my jurisdiction little girl, and if I decide not to enforce the law there’s nothing you can do about it…

what possible difference can it

What possible difference can it make now, “they’re all dead,” why can’t we just forget about it and move…

Obama forward logo 1

Question: Would anyone like me to provide the definition of (indifferent) again?

According to Webster: “in·dif·fer·ent,” (in context) Having no particular interest in or concern for; apathetic. 

page break - Pickwick 1

According to Webster: “stu·pid·i·ty,” The quality or condition of being stupid. 

Obama - I won Graphic 1a

America is a Democratic Republic by definition.

By definition a Democratic Republic is a form of government where the power of the government comes from the people.

Obamacare - political cartoon 1a

America is a Nation of Laws… 

a nation of laws 1

According to Webster: “Law” A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority. 

a nation of make your own laws

..or at least it used to be until John Roberts made it a Nation of (make your own) laws…

Question: Would anyone like me to provide the definition of (stupid) again?

According to Webster: “stu·pid,” Slow to learn or understand.

page break - Pickwick 1

Eisenhower caricature 1

A parting thought; “When I was a teenager, Eisenhower was the president and America had Johnny Cash and Bob Hope.

Obama Money

Now I’m in my golden years, Barack Obama is the president and Americans no longer have Cash or Hope.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Readers Forum – Flying through Flak!

readers forum logo 1a

flying through flak 3a

According to Webster: “flak,” (in context) n. Excessive or abusive criticism.

As of Tuesday last mother nature is cutting us a break on our winter weather, moving up from seven or eight days of sub zero readings on my thermometer to an unbelievably temperate mid-50’s which has held so far. 

Of course, our weather isn’t the only thing that has warmed up this past week, reading many of my comments this week was like walking on hot coals, so without further ado, let’s get to it… 

Flak Flinger  - page break

Darlyne from Philadelphia,    (Identity Theft  – personified).

Because there are more white people than black people in America doesn’t mean that white people are better than black people. Especially white people like you… (From this point on, Darlyne’s opinions, adjectives, ..and expletives to describe me and white people in general aren’t fit to print). 

my conclusion - page break

Good morning Darlyne, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comments and your opinions. With your imagination and your flair for writing, it is my fervent opinion that you should establish your own blog as soon as possible, as I am sure that your reader base, (if you were to include graphics), would double that mine in the first week. 

Flak Flinger  - page break

Daniel from Syracuse,     (The Audacity of Change).

I read your weblog for the first time two weeks ago and as a retired University professor of history, it would be my advice to you to crawl back under the rock you came out from under and leave teaching to those that are qualified. Daniel. 

my conclusion - page break

Hello Daniel, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your heartfelt comment and opinion. As I know nothing about you other than the fact that you’re extremely rude, …

And since my mother taught me as a child that rudeness is a flaw, ..I will give you the (benefit of the doubt) and accept the fact that your mother never told you…

can't say anything nice 1

..but then since it has been my personal experience with academics, those who nailed Jesus to a cross, ..most of the time, ..(they) know not, ..what (they) are doing.

Which of course isn’t at all uncommon among folks who are misled by the idealistic drama that progressive liberals spew at America’s colleges and universities.

There is no confusion in my mind about the fact that America is more than one culture and more than one nation.

So that we’re clear, “my nation” is an America of self-reliant and responsible individuals both wealthy and poor…

My part of America is occupied by decent men and women who wear blue shirts, work boots and aprons…

My people believe in God, the flag and Mom’s Apple pie, my people have defended (you) and this Nation with their blood for generations.

My people and I have made you possible, but you don’t have to thank me, ..even if you might someday “stumble over” the inclination. 

I am in (deed) a high school dropout. I am also in (deed) informed American citizen with “legitimate” concerns for the future of this Nation, Nation!

When it comes to academia and its programming of young American minds to believe that the U.S. Constitution is a document without substance, ..I take (genuine) exception.

When it comes to following a philosophy, I tend to follow the mind of a fellow by the given name of Samuel Clemens, who in his “self-awareness,” gleefully declared…

Mark Twain quote  - schooling 1a

Gainful employment worked for me and it worked for me well for 46 years of my adult life. Not to mention the “fact” that my gainful employment worked even better for “our” government once L.B.J. and his progressive liberal co-conspirators voted to (reassign) my money from the (Social Security trust fund), that F.D.R. promised would never be used for anything other than my retirement, ..into the U.S. Treasury “General Fund,” so (they), “our” Government representatives could spend our retirement money with impunity.

If “our” government steals from us, they chalk it up to “simply doing business.”

Albeit, ..if a working man or woman comes up short on “their” taxes, (our) government “unabashedly” labels them a felon. 

So I ask you Mr. Retired University Professor, would you like me to provide you with Webster’s definition of stupid, ..or do you have your own dictionary?

According to Webster: “stu·pid,” Slow to learn or understand.

Have a great day Daniel, ..and stay in touch. Chuck. 

Flak Flinger  - page break

Tanjarye from Shreveport,        (New Deal v Bad Deal).

I’m a sophomore in high school so I didn’t vote for Barack Obama, but my mom and dad did and so did all my aunts and uncles. Barack Obama’s health care law is going to help a lot of people who never had health insurance. So why do you think that’s not good, are you crazy? Tanjarye 

my conclusion - page break

Dear Tanjarye, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment.

I don’t get a lot of emails and comments from teenagers, or I should say I don’t get a lot of comments from teenagers and young people that live in this country.

However, I do get a lot of email from teenagers and young people from around the globe.

In fact, the truth be known, ..I get “80%” of my comments and emails from folks who live in other than this nation, and out of that (80%), ..I would estimate that more than half are from individuals under twenty-five years of age.

Thus, although I have chosen to provide my detractors with the Lions share of my theater today, (sadly), ..if you’re upset about being a minority in America?

You may be even more upset now that you’ve learned you’re an even larger minority among my readers. 

Flak Flinger  - page break

Shannon from Klamath Falls,       (Presumably).

Why would someone who is [presumably] an intelligent man spend so much time and energy trying to demonize Barack Obama?

I’m a single mother as well as a small business owner and I voted for Barack Obama twice.

You seem to have a genuine gift for writing and composition, so if you’d consider spending less time watching Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity on the Fox news channel, it is my opinion, that you might write something of value. Shannon 

my conclusion - page break

Hello Shannon, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment and your opinion.

Being as honest and sincere with you as possible, I would like you to know that in all my 72 years on this planet, I’ve never experienced being spanked with a cotton ball prior to you throwing your hat in the ring. Thank you very much.

Now that kudos have been properly issued and celebrated, I wish you nothing but all the best in your life, with your family, and with your small business.

..and I know that I should stop while I’m still ahead, albeit I would be remiss in my duty to you and to myself if I signed off without warning; Barack Obama is not who you think he is, if indeed you believe that he and his policies will benefit America.  ..stay in touch, (not kidding). Chuck 

Flak Flinger  - page break

Hacker from Culver City,       (Meaningful or Superfluous).

To answer your question as to what man has become? Man is what he has always been, meaningless and dysfunctional.

If you need more proof than my word, just go to your website and read what you write.  Hacker 

my conclusion - page break

Hello hacker, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment and your profound observation.

Concerning your suggestion that I read what I write, wouldn’t that be redundant? ..and/or (superfluous), !!!

As you made no statement as to your gender ..or as to your length of service to mankind, I will assume by what little I do know about you, (considering my belief) that no one beyond the age of 30 would refer to himself or herself as (Hacker), I will presume that you are between thirteen and twenty-three.

But that’s not all, you have a great sense of humor, ..and a great wit. So why do you spend so much time by yourself?

My excuse is time-worn and well earned, I’m 72 years old with rust in and on every one of my moving parts.

Albeit, that wasn’t always the case, in (my time) between 13 and 23, when I wasn’t reading about the exploits of Lassiter,

(for those of you who have never read “Zane Gray” and his series, …

Lassiter 1

..I was occupied with taking life on as he did, with passion and determination.

According to Webster: “hack·er,” 1. One who is proficient at using or programming a computer.

2. One who illegally gains access to or enters another’s electronic system to obtain secret information or steal money.

3. One who enthusiastically pursues a game or sport:

Etymology: from “hack,” practical joke, clever scheme.

Take your choice and stay in touch, Chuck.

With my detractors hopefully satisfied with their 15 minutes today, and to be fair… 

in support - page break

Doug from Pocatello,    (What makes the First Family first).

I’ve been reading your blog for about six months now, totally love your style and your material. To answer your question what makes the First Family first. That’s easy, his executive powers and our tax dollars. 

my conclusion - page break

Hello Doug, thank you for participating in my quest to inform the nation that America needs to (clean house) ..and I’m not just talking about “Barry Nancy and Harry,” although (they) (in my humble opinion) would be a great place to start, …

If America is ever to return to its former glory, ..we, “We the People,” need someone in the Oval Office that will stand up to the Rothschilds and the one world order folks…

in conclusion - Jester

Although I had a number of comments on my “Natural Order” and my “Memory Lane & political correctness,” none of them were mean or demeaning, so they didn’t fit today’s profile.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Memory Lane and Political Correctness..

memory Lane - roadside sign 1

1941 international pickup

(1941 International pickup truck). 

Question: Why am I displaying a picture of a rusty old 1941 International pickup truck?

Chuck - Black hat 7a

Simple; This old truck and I were both “new” in 1941, and although we’re both somewhat worse for wear, were both still around for photographs.

Question: Okay, so now I can understand the Memory Lane part of your title, but what do (you and this old truck) have to do with political correctness?

Simple; When this old truck and I were both new, people in America used to greet each other on the street with; “Good Morning, are you today?  ..and America’s black folks had yet to become hyphenated.

But then Jesse Jackson was only three months old and Al Sharpton wasn’t destined to arrive for another 13 years. 

rural life

There were no computers or cell phones when I was young and rural life didn’t provide much entertainment, ..but there was enough work to go around, so no one really noticed…

family and radio

Life was a family thing back then, we had a radio in the living room instead of a television set, ..because television hadn’t been invented yet.

Although life when I was a lad wasn’t a time of plenty, it was a good time because my mother and father were responsible loving people who followed the rules.

According to Webster: rules,” (in context) A body of laws and regulations to define conduct.

Constitution and feather

Our founding fathers composed such a list way back in 1776 and (in my considered opinion), it still fits the bill for providing freedom and opportunity.

Accordingly, to my way of thinking, anyone or any group that isn’t satisfied with the “freedoms and opportunities” provided by our founding father’s rules are welcome to buy a ticket to where they think they can do better.

In summation, I would once again like to convey my “sincere appreciation” to our founding fathers for penning the Second Amendment, without “our” Second Amendment, ..which guarantees American citizens the…

keep and bear arms 1

big rabbit

..there wouldn’t have been much meat on our dinner table. 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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