California, Sunny or Shady?

Over the span of California’s history one group or another has proposed more than 200 times to hack the Golden State in two…

to what end - page break

In the past, the Lions share of the proposals were drawn up by the North over water rights and water share…

but not this time - page break

This time, it’s pure “Economics,” and “Greed.” With a capital (E and a G). This time the proposal is not to chop the Golden State in half,’s to chop the Golden State into six pieces.

California six - graphic 2

Who is Tim Draper?

Tim Draper - graphic 1a

(Tim Draper – Silicon Valley billionaire).

A more pertinent question, who is any billionaire, other than an individual who owns an “obscene” amount of money with which he or she can do anything they want with impunity. 

other than - page break

Cutting the State of California into six parts for financial gain.

Scrooge in his fault

Are you nuts? Come on Timmy, California is dominated by double talking (progressive left wingers), that unequivocally count on the (dependency and welfare) vote to keep a roof over their heads.

Do you think Jerry Brown and Nancy Pelosi are going to give up their “gigs” so you can increase your profit margins?

Can you imagine the confusion dividing California into six States would generate for “our neighbors down south?

immigration fence

Not to mention all the hundreds of miles of extra fence 🙂

drug dealer 2a

..and what about the Drug Dealer?

prostitute 1a the prostitutes?

what would they do - page break

Is there no humanity left in the world?  ..and then of course there’s the question of which way all the new representatives from all those new states would lean?

political logo graphic 3

I think it would behoove us all to learn just a little bit more about Mr. Draper, ..what are his politics…

shazam - Capt 1a

The result of my preliminary research on Tim Draper has provided me with zilch…

Apparently Mister Timmy (isn’t wild about) the general public having knowledge of him, ..kinda like the current enigma that is occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Ave…

page break - black and green

big cannon graphic 1a

Question: Does America really need another Canon?

six cannons 1

Or more correctly, ..six more cannons?

For me personally, after considering the possibilities, (????), for a good sixty seconds, is (my considered opinion) that Timmy’s proposal would be a great candidate…

the grim reaper 1a

..for this fellow ! 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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