The “other side” of my life..

watching television 4a

Go anywhere and ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that there are two sides to everything…

two sides of life 4

A part that most people readily share, and another that they are not so generous with. 

Yeah - even me - page break

But not this morning, this morning, I’m feeling extremely generous.

Dragon - graphic 1a

When I’m not down here in my dungeon rattling off words to my Dragon in a manner to hopefully be both informative and entertaining…


..I’m either in my kitchen preparing something to eat, ..or I’m stretched out in front of my 52” flatscreen catching up on the latest commentary from…

blonde Teleprompter reader 1a of America’s prominent teleprompter readers.

after Sunset - page break

I enjoy watching movies, I have always enjoyed movies, and why not?

Hollywood - graphic 1a

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, ..thirty minutes from Hollywood, the movie capital of the world.

movies I like 1a

My favorite genres, are divided between large budget comic book movies and sci-fi. Albeit, after Superman, Iron Man and Batman, ..on a frigid (confined to the inside) winter night way up here in South Dakota, pretty much anything goes…

at any price 1

(Dennis Quaid in – At Any Price).

Like one of the movies I rented last week, although it fulfilled my expectations of filling the (time slot) between supper and falling asleep, it didn’t do much else.

that bad - page break

at any price 2

much worse - page break 1a

at any price 4

(I’m proud of you son).

at any price 5

(Life is good).

Which is pretty much the final analysis of the movie, even though Farmer Whipple, cheated, lied and circumvented the law to keep his farm from ruin.

As a third-generation Iowa farmer Henry Whipple is locked into family tradition and finds himself willing to do whatever it takes, i.e., “at any price” to maintain the family farm in the black.

Which of course isn’t a practice restricted to farming, with the cost of doing business and taxes rising faster than a bottle rocket under the Obama administration, cutting corners and cheating is pretty much standard practice everywhere in our society….

And if you think it’s bad now, close your eyes for a moment, take a deep breath and let it out, and there you go. Things are worse now than they were when I began writing that last sentence…

Although I’ve listed the movie in my journal as pretty much of a waste, (if’in yer’ lookin’ fer’) entertainment….

However, (at least for me), and possibly the three other guys in America that are aware of the current “application” being considered between Monsanto, (the patent holder on dioxin) and “the Obama administration.

Monsanto’s selling point is an increase in crop yield, which of course in turn would increase Monsanto’s profit yields.

Which of course all sounds “great and wonderful” on the surface, however for those of us who served in Vietnam and understand that dioxin was the principal ingredient in (agent orange), a fun little cocktail that has caused birth defects in generations of Vietnamese, as well as in generations of Americans,’s not considered quite so wonderful.

Oh yeah, the movie also depicts that you can “murder” one of your neighbors (without recourse) long as the family sticks together.

God bless America - page break 3a

Because what the hell, (according to liberal doctrine), there’s some good in everybody….

Unless of course you’re a conservative.

Wiley coyote 1a  hanging from a tre

So in America it’s okay to harm, maim or murder…

Road Runner grinning 1a long as the perpetrator maintains the proper expression.

Wiley coyote going down 1a

..and if your victim is perceived as an undesirable!

splat - graphic

..and we have a wrap, I’ll be back tomorrow.

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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