Memory Lane and Political Correctness..

memory Lane - roadside sign 1

1941 international pickup

(1941 International pickup truck). 

Question: Why am I displaying a picture of a rusty old 1941 International pickup truck?

Chuck - Black hat 7a

Simple; This old truck and I were both “new” in 1941, and although we’re both somewhat worse for wear, were both still around for photographs.

Question: Okay, so now I can understand the Memory Lane part of your title, but what do (you and this old truck) have to do with political correctness?

Simple; When this old truck and I were both new, people in America used to greet each other on the street with; “Good Morning, are you today?  ..and America’s black folks had yet to become hyphenated.

But then Jesse Jackson was only three months old and Al Sharpton wasn’t destined to arrive for another 13 years. 

rural life

There were no computers or cell phones when I was young and rural life didn’t provide much entertainment, ..but there was enough work to go around, so no one really noticed…

family and radio

Life was a family thing back then, we had a radio in the living room instead of a television set, ..because television hadn’t been invented yet.

Although life when I was a lad wasn’t a time of plenty, it was a good time because my mother and father were responsible loving people who followed the rules.

According to Webster: rules,” (in context) A body of laws and regulations to define conduct.

Constitution and feather

Our founding fathers composed such a list way back in 1776 and (in my considered opinion), it still fits the bill for providing freedom and opportunity.

Accordingly, to my way of thinking, anyone or any group that isn’t satisfied with the “freedoms and opportunities” provided by our founding father’s rules are welcome to buy a ticket to where they think they can do better.

In summation, I would once again like to convey my “sincere appreciation” to our founding fathers for penning the Second Amendment, without “our” Second Amendment, ..which guarantees American citizens the…

keep and bear arms 1

big rabbit

..there wouldn’t have been much meat on our dinner table. 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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