Meaningful or Superfluous?

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According to Webster: “mean·ing·ful,” (in context) Having meaning, function, or purpose.

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According to Websters: “su·per·flu·ous,” Being beyond what is required.

As touted, (most likely), more times than need be? I jumped into America’s economy at the tender age six by contracting with a small business owner, and (neighbor) to rake and pick up the leaves (oak leaves) that were constantly replenished by the evening breeze in front of her small Mexican café that categorically served the “best homemade” chili in the entire Western Hemisphere.

In the light of day, Lupe was like a second mother to me, so there may have been a touch of nepotism in her decision to hire me, albeit I prefer to believe that I got the job from the “experience” of raking up and bagging the leaves at home.

Lupe’s Café was in “Thousand   Oaks” California and as the name would imply, there were indeed a (thousand oaks) in the community, which of course I am an expert on, as half of those oak trees were located around my house, ..while the other half were around Lupe’s Café.

Accordingly, I was steadily employed at the age of six.

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Question: What’s my childhood got to do with America?

The answer to which of course depends on an individual’s point of view and “whether or not” in your (youth) you were involved in the day to day requirements of providing for tomorrow.

In the vernacular of the day, “my family” was in the column labeled (poor people).

Albeit, neither my father, nor my mother, ever filled out an application for government assistance, not because there wasn’t assistance available after the second world war, but rather because both of them were raised to be self-reliant and responsible individuals.

Character, a commodity, (that not a day passed), that they didn’t strive to pass on to their children.

My point, in its (simplest form), if you want someone to rake the leaves from your yard, hire someone who knows how to rake leaves.

Obama - young

Now I’m not sayin’ that there isn’t a “politician” somewhere in the mix that knows how to rake leaves, albeit from where I sit and watch what’s going on in our nations capital, ..(if) any of our “current crop” of representatives have ever raked leaves, I’m (not aware) of it.

Question: Who are the people, folks, and/or, individuals that represent us in Washington?

And of course the answer is, (sadly), ..a bunch of lawyers!

Supreme Court 1

Question: Are lawyers people? 

A quick survey; …

How many of you currently reading this are lawyers?

How many of you currently live next door to a lawyer?

How many of you currently have a friend who is a lawyer?

How many of you currently reading this have had dinner at a lawyer’s home in the past year?

Of the people, by the people, for the people… 

William Devane

Have Abraham Lincoln’s words, (in our rush to buy Gold and Silver) from William Devane become meaningless in the 21st century?

Question: Does anyone in America “today” under the age of (twenty-five) even know who Abraham Lincoln was? 

what has man become

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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