New Deal versus Bad Deal..

Roosevelt - new deal 1

Franklin Delano Roosevelt signing; …

Social Security act - graphic 1a

FDR will forever be known for providing America with (a new deal) during a desperate time in America. 

Obamacare - graphic 3

Obama Hussein Obama signing; … 

worms - Obamacare 2A

Barack Obama on the other hand, ..will forever be known for providing America with (a bad deal) during a desperate time in America.

But then, (at least in my opinion), that’s what Democrats do. Although I don’t find fault with FDR’s Social Security Act, as my Social Security check is currently paying my mortgage, I do have a problem with Barack Obama’s (patient protection and affordable care act) as it has raised my (out-of-pocket) participation in my (retirement) insurance plan from $300 a year to $1100 a year, which might add up to progress in a progressive minded individual, albeit to a conservative, it’s plain and simple “outrageous.”

Let’s take a little trip down memory lane shall we? 

memory Lane - blue plaque 1a

Social Security card - not for

Up until the 1980s, your Social Security card expressly stated that your Social Security number and your Social Security card were not to be used as identification.

When Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security act into law in 1935, he announced that participation in the program would be “completely voluntary.” 

deductions are mandatory 2A

Originally the law required a participant to pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual income into the program. 

7.65% - graphic 1a

Originally the Social Security law allowed that a participants deductions would be tax-deductible. 

no longer deductible 1a

The original law promised that all donations would be put into an independent …

trust fund 1a

..and would never be used for anything other than the Social Security retirement program.

In 1968, under President Lyndon B. Johnson, to kickstart his (GREAT SOCITY), ..all monies “ENTRUSTED” (our) Social Security Fund were transferred into the (GENERAL FUND) of the U.S. Treasury and made available to anyone at the time who was introduced as the “HONORABLE” …

According to Webster: “hon·or·a·ble,” (in context) Used as a title of respect for high government officials.


To satisfy my curiosity, can anyone tell me if the phrase; … 

honor among thieves

..originated with our representatives in Congress? 

face - yellow 1


The law as originally written promised that Social Security payments to retirees would never be taxed as income.

Albeit, under Slick Willie, and or, William Jefferson Clinton, the Democratic dominated Congress legislated that up to 85% of our Social Security could be taxed.

Since many of you that have paid into (FICA) for years and are now receiving a Social Security check every month and you’ve found that you’re paying taxes on 85% of the money that you’ve been trusting the Federal government to secure for you, — you may be interested in the following questions;

Question: Which political party decided to start giving Social Security payments to immigrants?

Answer: Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party.

Under Jimmy Carter it was legislated that Immigrants living in America, (irregardless) of the fact they never paid a dime into the Social Security fund, at age 65, (they’re eligible) for Social Security payments.

Of course, being fair, (something I strive for), the Democrats are not the only political party to violate the original Social Security, (FICA) contract.

A Democratic Republic such as (is) the form of government we support here in America, it needs to be said that we, (we the people) are not getting “our” money’s worth from any of our representatives.

Be they Republican, Democrat or skating on thin ice as an Independent, the (sum) of our representatives in Washington D.C. aren’t worth half the price of the gas required to travel more than two blocks to vote for one of the miscreants.

I can understand three-year-olds in a sandbox at the park bickering over province, … 

sandbox graphic 1a

politics butting heads 1

However I cannot understand grown-up men and women that we employ to manage the affairs of this nation constantly butting heads.

Obama destruction

I can’t speak for you, ..but I’m really tired of paying for depravity and dismay.

way America 1a

In summation, is my fervent belief that, (IF) and (WHEN) we, “We the People” remove (our heads) from (our butts), we can come together in November and …

vote for America's future 1a

…and eliminate a good amount of the government waste and corruption that we’ve been plagued with for the past hundred years.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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