wizard at WordPress 1a

To the wizard at WordPress who decided this afternoon to once again change the format as to how word press “patrons”insert graphics and pictures into their publications. My question, sir or madam: how in the hell are we who utilize your facilities to publish our work expected to get anything done when you people keep changing the way we are allowed to use your product?

For the most part, I consider myself a rather easy-going individual, albeit with that said; I am indeed getting pretty well fed up with having your technical staff change your operating procedures directly in the middle of my trying to get my blog ready to post in the morning. When I began today’s process I was able to re-proportion my pictures and graphics by simply grabbing one adds and dragging it to the size I want.

But apparently that isn’t any fun for your staff, so whoever the wizard is who decided to change things up again today, I would appreciate it if you took the fellow out and bought him a beer, no correct that, by him a case of beer, maybe two? so that he will hopefully be hung over and unable to come to work tomorrow and screw things up for the folks that use your facilities. Thank you very much. Pearlsofprofundity…

A final question: why does word press not provide a contact number for folks like me to call in and notify you when your site is inoperable?

To my readers, I find myself once again having to apologize for WordPress.com. I will be posting again as soon as someone at WordPress corrects what they screwed up today. Chuck…

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