On the Hook Again..

and now Obamacare - graphic

Question: Is anyone ever going to know everything that was hidden in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Another revelation was uncovered yesterday afternoon and shared with the American public by way of our Teleprompter reading buffoons, whom it would seem are starting to realize that “they’re” going to be subsidizing Obama’s debacle right along with the rest of us.

Can you imagine that there has been a clause in Obamacare since day one that requires (taxpayers) to pick up any and all shortfall that might occur from a (fluctuation in costs) to any and all insurance carriers participating.

Question: Would any of you Obama-ites like me to publish the definition of stupid again? 

bailout 1

According to Obama: “bail·out,” The reason I get out of bed in the morning.  

Bill the taxpayer 1

According to my personal Pearlsofprofundity unabashed and unpublished Dictionary: “endangered species,” Creatures (to include), “American taxpayers” facing extinction. 

train wreck - Obamacare 2a

Question: When are you academic zombies going to come around to tapping into your God-given common sense and understand that there is nothing in Barack Obama’s patient protection and affordable care act that in any way (protects) any American, nor is it (affordable) and as for the use of the word (care). The definition I personally think fits best is…

According to Webster: “care,” (in context) n. An object or source of worry. 

Obamacare - sham now 1

If Obama’s “Patient Protection and Affordable Care” was a product actually worth owning, why would the Government have to pass a law requiring you to buy it?

Once again folks, (for the record), there is no shame in using your brain, God gave it to you with his blessing, use it.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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