More Sad Commentary..

According to the ncpssm, and/or, (the national committee to preserve Social Security and Medicare), there are currently 50.7 million Americans receiving Medicare benefits.

So what’s that got to do with the price of tea in China? 

may I have some more 1a

Not a thing, albeit it has a lot to do with the mindset and actions of our current commander-in-chief’s quest for more.

For the Record; Collectively in the year of our Lord (2014), my wife and I have been granted another $33 a month from Social Security, which of course equates to $396.00 a year, which equates to a dollar and eight cents a day.

Which of course, if we alternate we can each buy something at our local dollar store every other day…

In my opening, I noted that there are currently 50.7 million Americans receiving Medicare benefits. Last year “Uncle Sam” deducted $99.90 for our Medicare benefits, this year to satisfy the Obama administrations progressive agenda, he’s deducting $104.90, ..what the hell, it’s only five bucks!

That is until you multiply it by 50.7 million, at which point it becomes… 

$253 million 1a

..and/or enough to afford Michelle and the girls a week at Aspen, ..and a week at Martha’s Vineyard.

And yes of course, I fully understand that it’s not fair to pick on Michelle and the children, however at the same time, (for anyone) with a lick of… 

common sense - graphic 1 isn’t fair (in this economy) for anyone to pay more for anything, and especially for the folks on a (fixed) income.

My wife and I, while in the job market, we both understood that in our retirement years, we’d have to make adjustments, and/or, rollbacks in our lifestyle and we prepared for it.

What we didn’t prepare for, and/or, (more correctly), couldn’t prepare for was Barack Obama’s agenda of big government, socialism and “unconstitutional” socialized medicine, and/or, Obamacare.

it's a tax graphic 1a

Yes I know, the exalted jurist “John Roberts” (declared) that mandated healthcare was (a tax) ..not a penalty!

Which of course wasn’t his job, “legislation” is the purview of Congress, not the Supreme Court.

According to Webster: “pen·al·ty,” (in context) The painful consequences resulting from a (num-skull) action.

For those of you yet to accept, and/or, understand, ..let me spell it out for you…

Obamacare equals pain 1b

..but what the hell, when a nation sinks to the point where the majority of the population hasn’t read (the) Constitution, who’s gonna know?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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