As God Intended..

Question: Who’s God are you talking about?

my God - graphic 2b

Moses - tablets - fire 1

 The one who provided Moses with the Ten Commandments.

The one who ascribes; … 

No other God - graphic 1a

10 Commandments - flag 1a

Now that I’ve given you a branch to hang on to, let’s go right to the question as to why our founding fathers, (God-fearing men), chose to provide (not demand) that there should be a separation of church and state in our Nation.  

Our founding fathers being intellectual as well as spiritual, understood the meaning of the word freedom to include men born without titles or wealth.

Our founding fathers placed the value of the blacksmith to be equal to the value of the man who owned the wagon that he worked on.

Our founding fathers also placed the value of the blacksmith equal to the moneylenders, the educators and themselves.

Question: So what the hell happened to the values of “our” founding fathers?

Although I wasn’t a fan of the man while he was alive, and my feelings haven’t changed, I am compelled to respect John F. Kennedy for his love of country.

I respect John F. Kennedy for serving this country in the military.

I respect John F. Kennedy for voicing; “Ask not what your country can do for you, ..ask what you, ..can do for your country.”

I also respect John F. Kennedy for being the only President in the last 100 years to stand against the Rothschild family and the Federal Reserve Bank.

God created man with the capacity to reason above all other creatures on the earth.

Question: Is (reason) an ability, ..or a power?

According to Webster: “a·bil·i·ty,” (in context) An acquired skill or talent.

According to Webster: “pow·er,” The capacity to perform or act effectively.

Which of course works for me, albeit sadly, doesn’t work for everyone, ..such as our elected officials, and/or, our elitist employees in Washington D.C., …

Obama's cabinet

..who by their selfish actions prefer Webster’s definition below… 

(The official capacity to exercise control; authority). 

page break - American text

Fact: No other known creature in the universe is as unique or capable as man, which brings to question; Why do some men believe they are above the line, ..while others believe they are below it?

Something to ponder, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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