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According to Webster: “en garde,” Used to warn a fencer to assume the position preparatory to a match.

Wind with a purpose in the upper Midwest yesterday, one of which was to knock out our power just long enough, (maybe 30 seconds), albeit (long enough) to wipe out (my work) on yesterday’s offering.

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Profundity Train 1

So the train was late, ..however it still arrived. 

beginning with 2a…         (about).

This is an example of a horrible, racist site filled with spelling and grammar flaws. The person who created it does not represent the views or opinions of the U.S. and is probably very, very ugly. 

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Hello Joebot, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for your comment, although it is not rare for a liberal to show his or her lack of intellect, it is always entertaining.

Question: (purely for the sake of curiosity), Why are stupid people so obsessed with spelling and grammar?

A reasonable suggestion; (for the Joebots of the world), if you are truly offended by (misspelled words) and (incorrect grammar), write to Bill Gates, as “Microsoft Word” is one of his products, if you believe spellcheck doesn’t work, … 

tell him not me 1

Postscript: If you own a dictionary, open it to the word liberal and you’ll find that you’re supposed to be unbiased, tolerant and open-minded. 

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Howardxxxx@…         (Background).

Short, sweet and informative, I don’t know how much clearer you can make it. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks. Thank you for taking the time to print the truth, God bless you and God bless the First Amendment. 

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Thank you Howard, accolades are always appreciated, albeit accolades are not the reason I dedicate my time to exposing the corruption in our government. I believe in America with the same fervor that I believe in God.

Our current government, and I am defining “current” to cover the last 100 years, as it was (101 years) ago now, that “then” President Woodrow Wilson signed America back into slavery when he (unconstitutionally) outsourced America’s money to the “Federal Reserve Bank, and/or, the Rothschild family.

America deserves much better than the Chicago mob in Washington. 

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America is about sharing and compassion and charity, … 

leave Barack alone 2


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Dear Amanda, my apologies for upsetting you, ..upsetting Americans is not my agenda. My agenda to educate, ..not to agitate.

dam breaking 2a

I have absolutely no quarrel with anyone who wishes to wait until the dam breaks before looking into flood insurance.

However, in my self-ascribed status as an educator, I feel an obligation to inform you that this nation was founded by men with guns who shot other men dead in the pursuit of “your” freedom to say and believe whatever you like.

Stalwart (conservative) men with guns, shot other men with guns dead to emancipate slavery in America.

Men with diplomas and books have never done anything but lie to you and take your money… 

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Gwenxxxxxx@…                (Resurence).

I love your graphics and I love the way you write, America needs people like you in politics, why don’t you throw your hat in the ring?

Gwendolyn P. 

In Reply - Blue 1

Hello Gwendolyn, thank you for your accolades and thank you for your confidence. As for being involved in politics, I am.

Heralding the “truth” to the folks is not a simple chore, believe it or not, there are folks in America who think I’m a terrible person.

As to why I don’t throw my hat in the ring? Simplest question I’ve ever received, (I’m a high school dropout), no …

University of hard knocks 1A

..sheepskin, no invitation to the party. 

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Dorianxxxx@…             (Does (it) Matter).

I have a question, why isn’t someone with your imagination and talent more in the limelight?


In Reply - Blue 1

Hello Dorian, great question. Thank you for your confidence and appreciation, with that said; life, (at least in my opinion) is as simple as understanding (who) you are and (what) you want. 

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..which is not a Chinese proverb, but rather an excerpt from a poem concerning (Andrea del Sarto), called ‘The Faultless Painter'” by Robert Browning.

As for my standing in the limelight, you can help with that, share my web address with all your friends and have them do the same, thank you. Chuck.

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Fife and drum 1a

America is an amazing country filled with amazing men and women, who are amazing because they’re responsible and self-reliant.

Two qualities above all others that make a man or a woman a true American.

Which again brings me to the haunting question; “With all the responsible self-reliant men and women in America, why are we, “We the People” in America governed by corruption and deception?

Although the corrupt, self absorbed, the men and women in Washington D.C. are without “true” substance, every one of them fought to get where they are…

truth and decency 1A

..thus, it will take (a fight) to get rid of them. 

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Upside.xxxx@…            (Is Obama Stupid).

Just maybe the best blog I’ve ever read, although to date, nothing I’ve read on your site has been anything less than excellent. Although in my opinion to reference Obama as stupid is too generous.

If you’re interested in my comparison, ask yourself what kind of mentality it takes to slip into a vast made of C4?

In twenty-four years as a practicing psychologist I’ve never researched a more self-destructive personality than Barack Obama. 

In Reply - Blue 1

Hello upside, thank you for visiting my site and thank you for the complementary accolades.

No argument here, however with that said it is not Barack Obama’s personality that concerns me, it’s his ideology and the path to destruction he’s leading America that’s stepping on my toes.

Personality, (at least in my mind) is the culmination of traits provided to us by nature, ..whereas an individual’s (ideology) is the culmination of traits provided to us by our mentors. 

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Tomxxxx@…              (You can’t fix Stupid). 

News item in today’s paper. Monsanto is pressing congress to deregulate corn and soybean seeds so that they can spray 2-4-D. A form of AO (Agent Orange) that is only 50% as strong as the crap they sprayed on us.

The stuff they used in Nam was nearly 1000 times as strong as a commercial applicator could purchase so the junk they want to use now is only (4oo to 500 times as toxic as the stuff they can currently use.)

Reason given is that the weeds have developed a resistance to the stuff they are currently using. Makes you kinda wonder how long it will be till the weeds develop a resistance to the new and improved stuff and they have to go to something stronger?

Maybe when they come after your razor and toaster they will make you take a pill that will genetically modify you to be resistant to the poisons they want to use.

We can also increase our subsidies to big pharma so they can do the R&D necessary to create a drug that will combat the increase in cancers.

Are these some of the ”progressives” you have been talking about?

Mornin Chuck, Tom 

In Reply - Blue 1

Mornin’ Tom, as always the ”pearlsofprofundity” you offer are always welcome, as well as monumentally informative.

For those of you yet to meet Tom, Tom is a friend. Not only to me but to everyone in America subject to consuming the agricultural products available in the bins and on the shelves at your local grocery store.

Tom is one of the good guys who spends the Lions share of his days in meetings across America on your behalf, arguing against the insanity of profit for profits sake.

felonious 2b

(Felonious Gru).

Americans pay to see Felonious Gru because his diabolical schemes are always thwarted in the end.

Hugh Grant - Monsanto 1

(Hugh Grant).

Accordingly, using the price of a “twelve dollar” movie ticket as a guide, if every American citizen would send (12 dollars) to an organization or environmental group opposed to (poisoning) “our” food supply, we could thwart “Hugh Grant’s” diabolical efforts as well.

Postscript: Tom is a brother Nam Vet, ..just sayin’

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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