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A “Quick Recap” of the week just gone by; For our Christmas Dinner, my lovely wife Linda and I shared a rack of delicious baby back ribs, and why not? ..after 8 ½ hours of roasting in a 180° oven, ..the meat not only fell off the bone, literally melted with a minimum of mastication.

The following day of course, was my birthday, celebrated with a piece of pumpkin pie after some oven baked “Fried Chicken,” in honor of my cardiologist who is as opposed to my enjoying cake and fried foods as I am opposed to Barack Obama’s policies.

Weather; from a high of 53° on one day early in the week, to cold and windy this morning, – snow pending. 

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In mulling over my comments received this week, it was no contest as to who was enjoying Christmas and the holidays and who had (nothing better to do) ..other than “share” their dissatisfaction with life.

Thus, since my forum this week is lacking in balance, I will answer all my “detractors” collectively with a simple…

Bah humbug

..and concentrate on the few decent folks that wished me a Merry Christmas, ..a Happy Birthday, and Best Wishes for the coming New Year.

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arlenexxxx@…       (Readers Forum – My Way).

Damn, I don’t think you wrote one word this week that didn’t blow my skirt up. A good friend of mine way down here in Abilene introduced me to your website about three months ago, I can’t speak for the rest of the country, but this part of Texas loves you. Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday and if the coming New Year inspires you to continue to inform America about the stupid happening in our nations capital, I want you to know that me and mine are behind you. Arlene. 

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According to Webster: “zeal·ous,” Filled with or motivated by zeal; fervent.

Hello Arlene, (not complaining), albeit your enthusiasm is an awful lot of pressure for a babbling ‘ol “septuagenarian” like myself. Nevertheless, I will do my best not to disappoint. Chuck.

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ansell421@…          (You Wanna Race).

I am always very pleased to read what you write, I would enjoy it very much living in a country where a person can speak freely their feelings. I have bookmarked your weblog to return. Thank you very much. Ansell.

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Hello Ansell, I’m very pleased to have you “onboard” reading what I write and I’m very pleased that you approve. Chuck.

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darla.xxxxx@…        (‘Twas the night before Christmas).

I love your blog, can you tell me how I can get a copy of your graphics, and is it okay if I use them in a book I’m trying to make for my daughter? 

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Hello Darla, thank you for your adore. As for my graphics, place your cursor over the graphic you want, right click and then select copy. It can be an arduous process, but with patience and a steady hand you can collect pretty much anything on the web, (I do), best wishes for you and your family in the coming year. Hope to hear from you again in the future. Chuck.

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Mildred, Jennifer, Allison and Donna@…  (Happy Birthday).

You need to know that birthdays are never anti-climatic as long as you keep having them, praise God you have many more, we like your site. Mildred Jennifer Allison and Donna.

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Dear Mildred, Jennifer, Allison, and Donna, thank you for the Happy Birthday and for your words of wisdom. One is never too old, (at least in my “considered” opinion), to obtain more wisdom. Chuck.

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eric2299@…         (It’s not just me).

As a liberal millennium, the first time I read your “blather”, I retaliated with some pretty harsh words. My father lost his job in October from cutbacks attributed to Obamacare.

When my parents tried to get insurance through our state exchange, they were told they didn’t qualify for assistance with their premiums because their property is too valuable.

So if my parents want health insurance after December 31, they will have to sell their house. At which point they still won’t qualify, because in America, an individual needs and address to engage in a legal contract.

Please forgive me, I didn’t understand what socialism was because I didn’t want to, nor did I understand who Barack Obama is, because I didn’t want to. 

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Hello Eric, not that I’m an authority on education, albeit in my 72 years on this big beautiful blue planet, I have learned that there are schools, and then there is school.

I’ve also learned, that for a young man, (which you seem to be), it’s never too late.

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tomxxxx@…         (Weasel or Grizzly).

You have outdone yourself with today’s post. Good one, got a bunch of bad guys with one bullet. Top notch.

Mornin’ Chuck, and top o the morn to Linda 

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Thank you Tom, a kind word from you is always appreciated, albeit in truth, ..if it weren’t for my “obsession” with glory and accolades and my “fear” of obscurity in the future, ..I’m quite sure that I couldn’t arrange words the way I do? Mornin’ Tom

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According to Webster: “fa·ce·tious,” Playfully, jocular, in jest; humorous.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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