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On the 20th, my wife Linda and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary, deliberating which would upset our tummies the least, chicken soup, or Tuna’ ala’ King over rice?

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These upper Midwest bugs are tough. 

We had a few days of sunshine last week, albeit we woke up this morning to -9° and little tiny snowflakes. But then what the heck, yesterday was the winter solstice, and/or, the first day of winter. So I suppose we should be grateful that they weren’t great big snowflakes… 

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averyxxxxx@…        (Readers Forum – Love it or leave it).

Congratulations on your milestone, and congratulations on your readers forum. I’ve been reading your blog for most of a year now, it has become a ray of sunshine in my life, keep telling it like it is. Avery. 

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Hello Avery, thank you for the commending accolades, they are always appreciated. 

Batter Up - Graphic 2a…        (Do you swear to tell the truth).

As a veteran of Obama’s fiasco in Afghanistan I applaud your campaign to inform America what a waste of space he is. In case anyone is curious, I’m a 36-year-old black man with a wife, two kids and one leg. Dale. 

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Hello Dale, thank you for your comment and thank you for your service. To be honest, because you identified yourself as a black man I almost passed on publishing your remarks.

Albeit, after a moment of consideration I realized that if I made the color of your skin an issue, I would indeed be one of them.

Give my best to your wife and children, God bless you and Merry Christmas. 

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Angelaxxxxx@…      (What’s wrong with who you are).

I’m 22 years old, I’m a Christian from a Christian family and like all Christians, I love Christmas. Thank you for telling the story of St. Nicholas, God bless you. Angie. 

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Dear Angie, you are indeed the freshest breath of air today’s offering will provide. God bless you, your family, and every Christian on the planet.

Merry Christmas to you and Merry Christmas to all. 

Batter Up - Graphic 2a…   (The difference between understanding and belief).

You white people need to understand, it don’t matter no longer what you think or what you believe. The ball is in our court now. You white people need to understand, you need to watch your butt on the way out the door. 

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Dear déjà vu, thank you for your comment, I’ll take it under advisement.

After a myopic portion of a split second, it is my considered opinion that I should give you a hug. Because it is also my considered opinion that it would be the first hug you’ve ever received in your life.

God bless you and Merry Christmas. 

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To save time today, (for both of us), since the Lions share of comments this week were venomous and bigoted, I believe it would be more considerate, as well as prudent to present my detractors collectively… 

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eugeniaxxx@…        (Disdain).

Disdain is what I have for you, you should be ashamed, the first lady is not a mark for your slings and arrows. 

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jzx0049@…        (Disdain).

You call yourself a Christian, you ain’t no Christian, you’re nothing but a trash mouth bigot unhappy because there is a black man in your White House. 

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Bernadette_x@…       (Turnabout is fair play).

You made a big sign saying employers rule. If that’s true why can’t I find a job? 

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reesexxxx@…         (Turnabout is fair play).

You’re really stupid if you think the people in this country can change anything, or fire the government. 

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alanxxxxx@…        (What floats your boat).

You write very well and your message is spot on, I took your advice sometime ago and researched the Rothschild family, I appreciate your tenacity, but America is in the bag and it’s been there for 100 years now.

If you’re promoting the idea that it’s the thought that counts, you’re on track. If you’re trying to promote the idea that the people in America will ever unite to oppose the corruption in our government, you’re setting on the tracks.  Alan B.

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Dear collective, I appreciate you one and all, I could say that I could care less what any of you think, but then that wouldn’t be the truth.

If I didn’t care about the people in this country, and what they thought? I wouldn’t occupy the space in front of my computer day after day, (talking) to my keyboard.

Since color, and/or (race) was brought into the mix by more than a few of you again this week, let me again explicate that the color of your skin doesn’t matter half as much to me as it does to you.

Eugenia is upset with me because I published a few pictures exposing Michelle Obama being humiliated and disrespected by her husband.

Who Eugenia isn’t upset with, (or doesn’t mention that she’s upset with) in her comment, is Barack Obama, a person that she apparently reveres so much that she can overlook his abhorrent behavior.

I wasn’t at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, both because I wasn’t invited and because my wife and I subside on the “pittance” we receive from “our” Social Security, so even if (Lucy, from Peanuts) owned an Airline and it only cost (five cents) to get there, my wife and I couldn’t have afforded the fair to the end of our street. 


it wasn't me 1b

Moving on to JZ, Jay-Z has decided that I’m not a Christian because I have an affinity for the truth and morality.

Barack Obama carries on like a freshman at a frat party at Nelson Mandela’s funeral and I’m not a Christian because I disapprove of his behavior, behavior (totally unbecoming) the President of the United States and Jay-Z calls me out for being a “trash mouth bigot,” are you kidding me?

Postscript: FYI, the “White House” doesn’t belong to me anymore than it belongs to Barack Obama, …

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..albeit there is a discerning the difference between myself and Barack Obama concerning the White House, I help pay the rent he doesn’t.

Dear Bernadette, I wished I could answer your question with (aplomb), albeit as I know nothing more about you than your name, you don’t have a job and you wished you had one, I choose to “error on the side of caution” and repeat the fact that as an American citizen, (giving the benefit of the doubt) although you may be unemployed, you are not without a job.

Your job, as every American citizen’s job, is to pay attention to what (our employees) in Washington D.C. are up to on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Say what? Keeping a watchful eye over our government doesn’t put food on your table?

You are absolutely correct my dear, keeping an eye on the government doesn’t put food on your table, but on the other hand, it could prevent the government from taking food off your table, pretty much the same as Barack Obama and his “Jackboot” ilk are currently taking health insurance coverage away from (millions) of decent hard-working Americans and their families in the name of progress.

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According to Webster: “prog·ress,” (in context) To advance as a society or civilization: to improve steadily.

roof repair

According to Webster: “im·prove,” (in context) To raise to a more desirable or more excellent quality or condition; make better.

Hello Reese, unlike yourself, I respect your opinion although I vehemently disagree with you. I don’t believe I’m stupid for expending the energy to inform America and Americans that together we, true patriotic Americans can turn the tide on the socialist tidal wave that is currently consuming this Nation.

I’m thinking that it might not be a bad idea for you to scroll back and reread my Wednesday offering; “The Difference between Understanding and Belief.”

If using the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights as your reference, neither Barack Obama’s ideology or his actions qualify him to be an American.

Barack Obama is the child of a single mother who was not only raised by communist parents and influenced by socialist doctrine via progressive academia, a prominent measure of his formative years were irresponsibly delegated to the same communist individuals that raised her.

Question: Does Barack Obama’s upbringing excuse his lying and deception?

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Not in the books I hang out with.

Last but not least, Allen B., Thank you for your extremely complementary comments. I’m also very impressed that someone on this planet actually took my advice and did some ferreting into the Rothschild family.

When it comes to those that are picking your pockets, one can never be too informed. Although the Rothschilds are the head of the snake and cutting their head off would be an excellent start, … 

snakes in Washington 3a

(Pelosi – read – and Schumer).

..a more pressing danger to America and American citizens are the snakes currently woven in and out of the fabric of government with a less than honorable intentions when it comes to our Constitution. 

Not the entire “den” of course, nor are they of the persuasion that is more dangerous than the other.

Non-conservative Republicans, (at least in my opinion), are every bit as undesirable as the progressive liberals that they serve as doormats.

Thoughts my friend Alan, if conjured with an understanding of right and wrong, are the bricks that build a nation, while a firm grasp of morality is the mortar that binds us together.

What about laws you ask? The U.S. Constitution is our law and fair as penned by our founding fathers, subversion and bias are products of ego and greed manufactured to serve the elite, or (more correctly), those who imagine themselves to be elite. 

Obama - limousine 1

Quiz: What was Barack Obama and every other politician in the United States prior to elected office? 

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Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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