Turn about is Fair Play..

employers rule 1

When there is so much wrong with a guy that you don’t know where to start, what do you do?

What can an individual with absolutely nothing going for him except lies and deception be compared to?

Chuck - graphic 1

Chuck; “I’ll take movie titles for 200 Pat.”

Pat Sajak 1

Pat: “What popular animated 2010 movie title was inspired by Barack Obama?

Chuck; “That would be Universal Pictures July 9, release of…

despicable me - graphic 2a

Question: One that is frequently ask by my readers that avail themselves of my comment contraption, …

“Why are you so obsessed with exposing Barack Obama?”

dumbest question ever 1a

Obama - anti-Constitution 1

Two reasons; First, “Freedom of Speech,” second and more important, Barack Obama is adverse to the U.S. Constitution and all of America’s Freedoms.

Barack Obama believes that government is the answer to everything, because the government was the answer to his wearing clean diapers as an infant.

Government subsidies were the answer to everything in our (OJT) Commander in Chief’s life, ..welfare “subsidies” and scholarships made his mother’s education possible, without subsidies and scholarships his parents would have never met.

Without a monumental deception and a “fraudulent” identity, i.e., pretending to be a (foreign student), Barry Soetoro, aka, Barack Obama would not have been accepted to Columbia University or Harvard.

Question: Where are Barack Obama’s school transcripts? 

we the people - graphic 2a

..are Barack Obama’s and congresses employers, so why are our employees living higher on the hog than we are? 

Could it be that “We the People” are the ones who need to rethink the way America (does business) and make a few changes? 

America - anti-Obama

535 to start 1a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit

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