Shakespeare - Michelle 1

According to Webster: “dis·dain,” To regard or treat with haughty contempt; despise.


If exhibitions of disdain had a monetary value in league with their ferocity? The photos below would be worth millions. 

angry 1a

According to Webster: “wife,” A woman joined to a man in marriage; a female spouse.

Considering the peril of being “Drawn and Quartered” in this week’s (Readers Forum), I ask you; “Does Michelle, and/or, the First Lady appear to be (joined) to her man in the above offering?

angry 2a

According to Webster: “ire,” (in context) Anger; wrath; fury.

angry 3a

According to Webster: liv·id (in context)  Extremely angry; furious.  

angry 4a

According to Webster: “spite,” (in context) Malicious ill will prompting an urge to hurt or humiliate.

Talk about a guy renewing his image, or at least the image I held of him as a wimp, and/or, a “Casper milquetoast,” ..not anymore!

Although I still hold no respect for Barack Obama, I am very impressed with his commitment to the (audacity) of hope.

enjoy the moment 2

According to Webster: “au·dac·i·ty,” (in context) Bold and insolent heedlessness of restraints, as of those imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention.

she can't stay mad forever 1a

According to Webster: “hope,” (in context) To wish for something with expectation of its fulfillment. 

hell hath no fury 1

I generously provide Webster’s definition of stupid, why does the world not pay attention?

According to Webster: “stu·pid,” Slow to learn or understand.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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