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Currently our (outside) temperature is at 12° with a promise to reach the low-to mid 40s by this afternoon…

Also, whether or not it has any significance to anyone other than myself? This offering today is my 1000th’ post. 

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derekfive@…           (The Family Plan).

As a recovered Obama voter I love this website and agree that everyone who voted for Barack Obama should have their heads examined, myself included.

The only thing transparent about Barack Obama are his lies and his spending. 

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First, a Question? … 

Johnny five 1 (2)

..are you any relation to Johnny five? 

Welcome to the bright side, ..if (common sense) has any part in America’s thinking and decision-making between now and 2014, Mr. Obama will be quacking through his remaining two years. 

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Foxtale369@…         (The Family Plan).

If Barack Obama wasn’t the president and his uncle was white, would you be writing about them? You say you’re not a racist and that you’re proud to be a bigot, it’s people like you who should be deported. Patricia 

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Dear Patricia, considering your lack of understanding what I wrote, God bless you. 

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cloudseeder6@…         (Black, White or Gray).

Long time reader, Crisp and to the point. I used to check you out once a week but now I read your blog every morning, it’s like a great cup of coffee.  Doug. 

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Hello Doug, thank you for your (loyal) patronage and your approval, it’s not easy being old in America. (Just kidding), being old is a snap – all you need is patience. 

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fasttrakmac@…          (Black, White or Gray).

Black people learn what they know from white people, if black people don’t have no ethics, they learn not to have ethics from white people, in yo ear jack. 

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Dear Fasttrak, there is no dishonor in standing for what you believe, ignorance and poverty have always been a part of American life and with you leading the charge the future of ignorance and poverty is secure.

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mamagenie@…             (Spy vs Spy).

Mary from my book club sent me your site address, at first I thought your designator said (profanity), and I thought less of Mary until I consulted my dictionary. Please don’t tell Mary.

You’re very articulate for someone that claims he didn’t finish high school. You are also very talented and imaginative with your graphics, my whole book club reads your offerings now, don’t let us down. Mama Genie 

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Dear Mama Genie, little-known fact, because I rarely share the time I did spend in high school. I didn’t quit high school because I was stupid, I quit high school because I decided my time there was wasted.

I read every book I was assigned and more, “few” held my interest.

Question: What was my interest you ask? 

color and composition - graphic

It was my ambition to work in advertising art. 

When I turned 18 I interviewed with three advertising agencies in Los Angeles as well as Walt Disney’s studios.

All four organizations offered me a job “carrying” the work of others for a sum slightly above what I made boxing groceries and slightly below what I made mowing lawns.

So I hot footed it down to the DMV, took the test for a class I drivers license and a day later I was a bona fide truck driver.

Question: Did truck drivers make a good living in 1960?

Reply: As long as your motors running, an individual that wants to work can make a living at anything. 

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Geo_dump@…           (Spy vs Spy). 

The way you incorporate pictures and graphics into your articles and stories is amazing. Up until I came across this site, I was a card-carrying member of the club that believed bloggers lived in the carved out trunks of old Oak trees with mushrooms growing on their eyelids. Keep up what you’re doing, you’re amazing. George.

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Dear George, thank you, being as bigoted, and (opinionistic) as I am, we who serve definitely need a pat on the back now and then…

we who serve 1

According to Webster: “serve,” (in context) To meet the needs or requirements of; to satisfy.

For those of you who search the nooks and crannies of cyberspace for misspelled words, and/or, words that aren’t really words, the word…

opinionistic - graphic 1a now a proprietary word coined by yours truly. 

how's this George - graphic 1

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Jenniferxxxxx@…               (Spy vs Spy).

Sorry, flag-waving does not excuse your disrespect for Pres. Obama. 

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Dear Jennifer, if I thought I needed absolution, I would seek out a priest, and/or, write an apology…

What I expose about Barack Obama is not for my benefit, it’s for yours.

Wake up and smell the…

disingenuous - graphic 1

..deception and corruption. 

Today you are upset and scoffing at me, by 2016 you will be livid and cursing him.

Thank you for visiting my site, (no favorites), I appreciate everyone. 

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Oliviaxxxx@…            (Coin Toss).

I got your web address from a Facebook friend who got it from your niece a few months ago. I don’t know your niece but my friend and I both think you’re the best thing that has ever happened to the Internet.

Please use my comment in your readers forum, it will turn my friend green. Olivia. 

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Hello Olivia, as the color green is one of my favorite colors, how could I not be a part of bringing more of it to the world.

My wife Linda, who is also a Facebookite, has a good friend by the name of Olivia, ..which is another “point” in your favor, so how could I not use your comment in my readers forum?

I love your enthusiasm and your candor, be sure to take both of them with you when you vote in 2014. Thank you again. 

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Rhondadee@…             (Coin Toss).

I just started reading your blog yesterday, you make reading about things I would never read about entertaining.

So far I’ve read back two months, so I know how old you are and where you live. I never knew my grandfather, but from the stories my mother tells me about him, I believe you and he would have been great friends. My grandfather collected guns and he loved to hunt. R’dee 

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Dear R’dee, considering that you believed your grandfather and I would have been great friends, giving ten years either way, I would place your mother in a demographic between 45 and 65?

Which to my (antiquated) way of “ciphering” makes you old enough to vote, which puts you in a demographic to fight for the America your grandfather and I grew up in.

It was a great place, ..I believe you and your friends would have liked it, ..and to get it back, the only thing you and your friends have to do is (replace) the 535 men and women that allowed Barack Obama to dismantle “our” Constitution.

With people like yourself, Americans who care about your family, your history and this nation, America can rise from the ashes of Barack Obama’s progressive liberal ideology and return the greatness enjoyed by your grandfather and I. 

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e.clarence@…             (Coin Toss).

If what you wrote about growing up in a good home with two parents is true, you couldn’t understand the uncertainty and plight of growing up in a broken interracial home.

Barack Obama grew up in extremely difficult conditions, not sure of who he could trust, or if he could trust anyone.

So when you consider the fact that he’s the president of the United States and you’re not, who’s the better man? 

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Dear E Clarence, …

According to Webster: “bet·ter,” (in context) More useful, suitable, or desirable than another or others.

According to Webster: “use·ful,” Having practical utility.

According to Webster: “prac·ti·cal,” Level-headed, efficient, and unspeculative.

According to Webster: “suit·a·ble,” Appropriate to a purpose or an occasion.

According to Webster: “de·sir·a·ble,” Worth having, useful or pleasing.

Sorry Clarence, considering Webster’s definitions, I win by a landslide. 

Question: Would you like some more? I tell the truth, he gets caught in a lie pretty much every time he opens his mouth.

Boo-Hoo for Barack Obama, a kid who got stuck with lousy parents, lousy grandparents, lousy friends and mentors.

America is a Democratic Republic, a free capitalistic nation where men and women of any color and any ethnicity have the same opportunity to compete for the American dream by applying initiative and doing the work.

According to Webster: “work,” Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something.

Fact: If I’m lying…

Oprah Winfrey - graphic 2a

..Oprah Winfrey is a figment of everyone’s imagination.

Question: How is it (my) fault, and/or, any “white” person’s fault, and/or, any “brown” person’s fault, and/or, any “black” person’s fault, that some people, of all ethnicities, are the products of irresponsible individuals?

we the people - graphic 1

America’s Constitution was drafted to protect American citizens, …

we the government - graphic 2b

..not to control them.

Fact: It is currently reported that 70% of all black children, male and female grow up in single-parent homes without fathers.

If all black men and women were selfish and corrupt, you might have a point? However, since millions of black men and women have become self-reliant responsible American citizens, your theory, and/or, your “speculation” that Homo sapiens with dark skin don’t have an equal opportunity to compete is (Bunk) with a capital “B.” 

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jeffandjill@…     (Stuff that simply doesn’t make sense). 

I don’t always have time to read your blog through the week, nonetheless my wife and I don’t miss your readers forums.

Your stuff that doesn’t make sense article was interesting and informative, keep up the great work. 

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Dear Jill and Jeff, thank you for the grand accolades, hope to hear more from you in the future. America needs people who are too busy through the week to read my drivel. 

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batmahn@…      (Stuff that simply doesn’t make sense). 

What has Friday the 13th got to do with anything other than stupid superstition and a dozen bad movies?

With Christmas only days away I suppose it won’t be long before you start writing about Santa Claus and the birth of Jesus, both myths from the dogma of Christianity. 

In Reply - page break 2a

Hello Batmahn, earlier I replied to a woman by the name of Jennifer which I concluded with an assertion that I didn’t play favorites.

A misnomer that I would like to correct before I continue any further, …

“Although I (stand by) my assertion that I don’t play favorites, there are “people and philosophies” I don’t approve of.”

..with “atheists” being at the (top) of my list. 

Question: Why do I disapprove of atheists? For the same reason that I disapprove of ignorance and stupidity.

An atheist’s assertion that there is no God, when he or she in fact, in his or her denial makes reference to the entity they claim doesn’t exist, what’s that about?

..and since you brought it up, can you explain why you have a beef with Santa Claus and Jesus, when ye who believe not in God’s and myths, erect enormous billboards to deny Christ during Christmas, …

who needs Christ in Christmas 1

..albeit, during Ramadan, you (stalwart), proud atheists don’t erect billboards, large or small, that deny Allah or Islam?

Question: Could it be because Muslims have a proclivity for shooting infidels in the face, while Christians historically turn the other cheek?

something to ponder 1a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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