Coin Toss..

coin toss 2a

 When you attend a football game, high school, collegiate, or professional, ..the “first coin toss,” ..doesn’t take place on the field, takes place in the stands.

Long before the logoed gladiators appear on the gridiron, there are fathers with their sons, Romeos with their Juliets and water cooler quarterbacks, all (deciding) where to set to secure the best view of the activity promised to unfold.

Question: So what does a football game have to do with me?

Everything dumb ass, like every other “game” ever invented by Homo sapiens, football is a “microcosm” of life.

According to Webster: “mi·cro·cosm,” A small, representative system having analogies to a larger system in constitution, configuration, or development. 

how about a visual 1

Gulliver in charge 1a

Imagine if you will, an individual much like yourself or me at (birth), the “standard” for the beginning of everyone’s journey through life.

My journey, under the auspices and wings of two self-reliant responsible American citizens…


loving parents 1

According to Webster: “aus·pi·ces,” (in context) Protection or support; patronage.


..began with exploring limits, my limits as well as those of my parents. A man, although “unexceptional” in the eyes of the world at large. In the eyes of my mother, myself, my brothers and sister, his friends, and the folks he worked for, my father was a Giant…


According to Webster: “gi·ant,” (in context) n. A person of extraordinary power, significance, or importance.


My mother, typical of the time was a woman who provided my father with what my father provided for her, unconditional love and security. 

father and son 2

My father and I had a mutual relationship and we shared a mutual trust. Which of course according to “Hoyle” is the way all families and life should be…


According to Webster: “Hoyle,” n. Idiom. In accord with the prescribed rules or regulations. 

Edmund Hoyle - rules 1

(Edmund Hoyle).

Edmond Hoyle (1672 – August 29, 1769) was a writer best known for his works on the rules and play of card games.

The phrase “According to Hoyle” came into our language as a reflection of his generally accepted authority on the subject since that time. Use of the phrase has expanded into general use in situations in which a speaker wishes to indicate an appeal to a putative authority. (Source, Wikipedia).


..and moving right along. Imagine if you will; … 

baby Barack Obama 1a

..a bright eyed young man of the genus Homo sapien sired by a goat herder from South Africa and carried in the womb of an aspiring woman from Kansas.

coin toss - page break 1

Returning to myself and my path for a moment, for my fifth birthday I received a Daisy Red Ryder BB gun that with my father’s counsel, I became a proficient marksman capable of lighting kitchen matches and dispatching houseflies from wherever they sought to land. 

house fly - screen door 1

(Common housefly, and/or, a target). 

Two and a half years later and a resident Thousand Oaks, California at a time when Thousand Oaks was as rural as Walton’s Mountain, I upgraded from my Daisy Red Ryder to a Sears, J.C. Higgins single shot .22 caliber rifle with which I provided meat for the family table.

Question: Was I self-reliant and responsible at age seven ‘n a half? 

not by a long shot 2a

Albeit, I was definitely well on my way, as besides providing meat for our family table with my rifle, I sought employment with neighbors and pretty much every business in town.

Question: What kind of jobs, and/or, employment is available to a seven year old in a rural area?

For those of you who missed living rural America, there was; “Hoeing weeds, raking leaves, digging post holes, as well as washing windows, cars, trucks, horses, dogs, or whatever?

A Job - Page Break 1

By the time I was nine I had steady work with more than a dozen people and an income averaging $20 a month. 

coin toss - page break 1

In 1970 when Barack Obama was nine years old, his mother, Ann Dunham gives birth to his half-sister Maya. Shortly after which his mother’s marriage to his stepfather Lolo Soetoro began to disintegrate.

1971 when Barack is ten, his mother sent him to live with his grandparents in Hawaii where he attends a prestigious upscale prep school on a scholarship.

deadbeat dad 1a

(Barack Obama senior, with 11-year-old Barack).

A year later, 1972, Barack’s deadbeat, and/or, absentee father arrives in Hawaii for a short visit.

When I was 11 years old I was attending the seventh grade in the San Fernando Valley, and/or, Northridge, California.

I had twenty-four regular customers whose lawns I mowed every two weeks, earning a dollar per cutting. I also worked part-time at three supermarkets boxing groceries and every night at ten o’clock while my mother believed that I was safe asleep down the hall, I was out my bedroom window and off to the corner gas station where I washed the concrete drives between the pumps for two dollars.

Eleven years later at twenty-two I was inducted into the U.S. Army, served 16 months in Garrison training with my platoon and weapons squad five long days a week before receiving orders in late July, 1965 for combat duty in the Republic of South Vietnam, the same year, Barack Obama sr. received his Masters degree from Harvard and returned to Kenya with his third wife, American-born school teacher Ruth Nidesand.


1965, my mother and father celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary.


1975, Barack Obama is in high school, albeit according to his memoirs he didn’t feel as though he fit in, so he began drinking, smoking marijuana and using cocaine while I was in my second year of employment at Rockwell International, B-1 Division, punching a clock five days a week, engaged in the American dream.

1980, again according to Barack Obama’s memoirs at the end of his sophomore year at Occidental college in Los Angeles, he transferred to Columbia University in New York. 

or did he - page break 1

To date, to my knowledge since Barack Obama’s Columbia University and Harvard law school transcripts are sealed, no one can authoritatively answer the question.

what question - page break 1

Columbia ID card 1

The $64,000 Question, to whether “Barack Obama” as (Barack Obama), attended Columbia University and Harvard Law School, or did “Barack Obama,” fraudulently misidentify himself as a (foreign student), using his Indonesian identity, Berry Soetoro to attend Columbia University and Harvard Law School?

The American taxpayers currently pay Barack Obama $395,000 a year, plus free rent, provide him with a Boeing 747 and two Marine helicopters, a fleet of limousines and Secret Service protection and what do America’s taxpayers receive in return?

Lies, deception, the right (not) to chose their own heath Insurance coverage, more (loss) of their (fourth amendment) rights to privacy and a National Debt “unequaled” by the debt accumulated by all 43 presidents that preceded him.

God bless America -  page break

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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