Question of the Day – Black, White, or Gray ?

black white or gray 1

According to Webster: “hy·po·thet·i·cal,” (in context) Based on contingency; theoretical.

Hypothetical: You live in a suburb 20 minutes from the city, you left your house 15 minutes later than usual, ..there’s a stop sign up ahead, you live in rural Kansas where there are no visual obstructions for 100 miles in any direction,’ve been late to work three times this month, your supervisor is extremely unhappy with your attendance, there is no traffic in sight, any direction! Do you stop at the stop sign, ..or do you ignore it in an effort to get to work on time?

Constitution - black white or g

According to Webster: “law,” A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority.

alternative commandments 1

According to Webster: “con·duct,” (in context) The way a person acts, from the standpoint of morality and ethics.

Obama ethics committee 1a

According to Webster: “jus·tice,” (in context) Upholding what is just in accordance with honor, standards, and the law.

got ethics 1a  - black white or gra

According to Webster: “trans·par·ent,” Easily seen through or detected; obvious. 

got ethics - black white or gra

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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