The Family Plan..

Kenya clan 1

(Obama’s family in Kenya).

According to Webster: “fam·i·ly,” (in context) n. A group of persons sharing common ancestry.

As I am not a PhD in genetics science, I will be winging this next segment via my “personal opinion.”

Question: Genetics set aside, do “behavioral” traits run in families?

Although I’ve read theory and opinion to support both sides of the issue, I choose not to rely on supposition, ..or more correctly, ..someone else’s supposition. 

According to Webster: “sup·po·si·tion,” (in context) The act of supposing; an assumption.

Uncle Onyango 2a

(Onyango Obama).

Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born uncle Onyango who’s ignored a deportation order more than two decades, has finally been granted permission to stay in the United States.

Judge Leonard Shapiro made the decision after Onyango Obama, 69, testified that he had lived in the United States for fifty years, because he’s been gainfully employed and paid income tax and been arrested only once.

Question: What was uncle Onyango arrested for? 

DUI - graphic 1

If memory serves from reading Barack Obama’s book; … 

Dreams from my Father 1

Barack Obama senior had a few bouts with drinking and driving in Kenya…

Family Plan - drunk 1

Question: Do you think that alcohol could be a problem with-in the Obama family?  

Obama beer summit 2

When Barack Obama stepped in to defend his friend Prof. Gates, he chose to resolve the incident with a beer summit.

Continuing with uncle Onyango…

Asked about his family in the U.S., he said he has a sister and two nieces, then added, “I do have a nephew.” Asked to name the nephew, he said, “Barack Obama,” then added, “He’s the president of the United States.”

feet on desk - family plan

Onyango Obama, the half brother of the president’s late father, testified he has lived in the U.S. since 1963, when he entered on a student visa. He had a series of immigration hearings in the 1980s and was ordered to leave the country in 1992 but remained.

Obama told the judge he had led a quiet, simple life, graduating from high school in Cambridge, then attending BostonUniversity, where he received a degree in philosophy.


With my proclivity for paving and paying my own way in life, it would be a sham for me to say that I could have used the seat that Onyango Obama occupied, however just because I didn’t revere academia, doesn’t mean that some other (legal) young man or young woman wouldn’t have been grateful for a University education.

When American tax dollars are spent to provide an illegal alien with food, housing, health and an education, the law, (our laws) “America’s laws” are being dismissed.


He said he has worked for years as a manager at a family-owned liquor store in Framingham, just west of Boston. He also said he has worked for decades to help African immigrants find housing and settle in the U.S.

The judge, while announcing his decision, cited a law that entitles immigrants who are “out of status” to become permanent residents if they arrived in the U.S. before 1972, maintained continuous residence and are of good moral character. 

good moral character 1

According to Webster: “good,” Being positive or desirable in nature.

According to Webster: “mor·al,” Conforming to standards of what is right or just in behavior; virtuous.

According to Webster: “char·ac·ter,” The combination of qualities or features that distinguishes one person, group, or thing from another.

Question: Does ignoring America’s immigration laws equate to an individual being “desirable,” “right,” “just,” or “virtuous?’ 

not in my book 2a

Albeit by my personal standards and the standards issued by my Merriam-Webster dictionary; Mr. Onyango Obama’s character is (no mystery) as disregarding America’s law for 50 years definitely provides a view of his character.

or acceptable 1a

Obama testified he hasn’t been back to Kenya since he entered the U.S. and said it would be difficult for him to return after all these years.

“Mr.Judge, America is a land of opportunities, a land of chances,” he said in a thick accent.

His immigration status didn’t become public until his 2011 drunken-driving arrest in Framingham. Police said after the arrest he told them, “I think I will call the White House.”

Asked about the exchange by a prosecutor on Tuesday, he said he might have said that but couldn’t recall.

The charge was dismissed after he completed a year of probation and 14 weeks of alcohol education classes.

The judge said he considered testimony about Obama’s character, including letters from people who praised him for being a “kind and decent person,” and considered the drunken-driving charge and allegations of discrepancies in what he told immigration officials 20 to 30 years ago.

“He appears to me to be a gentleman,” the judge said.

Obama testified that President Obama stayed with him for three weeks in Cambridge while the president was a student at Harvard Law School…

After which of course the president had to reverse his earlier testimony in an interview that he had never met his uncle.

The truth; …

The commander-in-chief revealed on Thursday that he had stayed at the Cambridge, Mass., apartment of Onyango Obama as he prepared to attend Harvard Law School.

not funny ha ha

Question: How many of you with common sense believe that anything that has ever come out of Barack Obama’s mouth that he hasn’t already, or, (when the truth is discovered) ..he will have to recant?

According to Webster: “pat·tern,” A representative sample.

a representative sample 1

(A representative sample).

a representative sample 2

(Another representative sample). 

a representative sample 3a

(Another representative sample).

Conservatively, there are more than 4000 representative samples of Barack Obama drinking beer that can be found on the Internet.

So the guy likes beer, does that make him a bad person?

keep it period 1a

Beer is one thing, honesty is another… 

Question: How many of you believe that our president is an individual who had no knowledge of…

Gun walking into Mexico?

Unwarranted IRS investigations?

The GAO a partying in Las Vegas?

Solyndra bankruptcy?

Black Panthers obstructing voters in Philadelphia?

NSA eavesdropping on America?

Benghazi terrorist attack?

And of course the list goes on and on and on…

Final Question: How far apart do you think the “seeds” on the Obama tree fall?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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