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Two words, that literally seduced America…

According to Webster: “se·duce,” (in context) To lead away from duty, accepted principles, and proper conduct.

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Question: Am I a racist? 

Not by the “standard” established in Webster’s Dictionary. 

According to Webster: “ra·cism,” The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

Question: Am I a Bigot? 

To which of course, by the “standard” described in Webster’s Dictionary, as well as the “standard” set by humanity, ..I am.

According to Webster: “big·ot,” One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ. 

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acronym4us@…        (Hosing America).

What would you do if there were no black people in the world to hate.

In Reply 2b

Dear acronym, eliminating black people from the world is not and has never been my agenda.

My goal is to eliminate stupidity and waste, if you’d like some assistance purchasing a ticket to another planet, I’d be more than happy to help you with a fundraiser.

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douglassharp@…        (Hosing America).

I truly enjoy your writing style, your opinions, and your graphics. I’ve bookmarked this site and I’m looking forward to what you post in the future. Keep it coming. 

In Reply 2b

Hello Douglas, thank you for the accolades, I will strive to be worthy. Keep coming back. 

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lynnannexxx@…         (Hosing America).

Moving off topic, (political agenda), my husband and I lost our home to a fire two years ago. It was devastating beyond words. I didn’t know someone lost their home to a fire every eighty-five seconds. No one ever reports things like that. 

In Reply 2b

Dear Lynnanne, my (political agenda) of course is no secret, I am a conservative, albeit with that said; I am also a “realist” with an understanding that the word “deserve” wasn’t coined by God or anyone with common sense.

Justifying rhetoric; “He, she or they deserve better because he, she or they are disadvantaged.

During my service in Vietnam I stood beside black men in combat, we all had the same training, we were all issued a weapon with ammunition. We all wore the same boots and helmets. We were all soldiers in the United States Army.

Even if I live to be a hundred and fifty years old, I will never witness life any more equal than that.

Personal Belief: The individuals that made the decision to eliminate the military draft in America, did this Nation and it’s citizens a great disservice.

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Personal Opinion: Until you see a man sacrifice his life for his country, you can’t fully appreciate the privilege of (living) for your country.

Pledge of Allegiance - boy 1a

America needs its citizens and its leaders to return to living for the Nation, ..instead of themselves.

According to Webster: “de·serve,” (in context) To be worthy.

(Sidebar). …

Irrefutable Fact: Barack Obama is not spending his ideology, he is spending America’s hard “earned” taxpayer dollars.


In my house growing up the predominant words were (earn) and (serve).

According to Webster: “earn,” (in context) Gain for service.

According to Webster: “service,” (in context) Duty or work for another.

There is no way, shape or form on God’s green earth that 47 million Americans (need) food stamps.

With the operative word in my statement being… 

Forum - NEED

76% of SNAP households included a child, an elderly person, or a disabled person. These vulnerable households receive 83% of all SNAP benefits. (Source, feeding

Question: As “inconvenient” as the (truth) might be, who are the recipients the other (24%) of the food stamps and the other (17%) of the benefits (funded) by the labor of another?

..more than you probably wanted to know, albeit the above “Truths” are (also) things that no one ever tells you. 

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fatjack2@…       (The man with a shoestring brain).

I love your blather, your candor and your content concerning the brazenness of our current commander and chief’s blatant disregard for America. It’s always been my understanding that we elect presidents in America to serve America, not themselves.

A concept it would seem Barack Obama is unfamiliar with. Keep it up otherwise I have to go back to eating doughnuts with my morning coffee 🙂 

In Reply 2b

Hey Jack, prior to my heart attack in ‘07, ..I wouldn’t have traded a doughnut for any amount of blather, (irregardless) of the sincerity involved? Thank you for your dedication and support, (not for me), ..but rather for “our” Nation.

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davexxxxx@…           (The Potomac Two-Step).

Great post, Clear and Present Danger is one of my favorite movies, everyone in America should watch it again and again until they understand that politicians can’t help being corrupt.

That’s why America needs to start electing people to represent them instead of politicians. 

In Reply 2b

Hello Dave, I couldn’t have said that better myself, when I die am going to send you my boots. 

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Karen4761@…         (He said – She said).

I started reading your blog in October. I write a fashion blog in the UK. Your writing style is amazing and your content is fantastic. What’s your secret? How do you find the time? 

In Reply 2b

Hello Karen, over the course of my journey in cyberspace I have announced on many occasions to being a high school dropout. Albeit, I have purposely refrained from explaining why I dropped out of high school because it is not a path I would recommend to anyone.

When I ascended from junior high school to high school, I was provided with a number of books ranging from stories about America’s History, to books filled with numbers and squiggles.

I had little to no interest in numbers and squiggles, ..albeit I did enjoy the books with words, (irregardless) of whether the words were defining Einstein’s theory of relativity or painting a picture of Abraham Lincoln in his tall black hat as he stood overlooking the battlefield at Gettysburg.

On my first day, (a Monday) if memory serves :-), class, (American History) was tasked with reading chapter 1, pages 7 through 15, to be completed with a critique by the following Thursday.

By the following Thursday I had read the book from cover to cover, accordingly my critique included not only pages seven through fifteen, but pages 16 through 345 as well.

Question: Were my effort appreciated?

not so much - page break 1a

I was labeled a smartass and transferred to a different class, which of course, (blanked) me off and from that day forward I rebelled against academia.

I read every book I was given in a fashion to suit myself (from cover to cover) ..within three days.

After which, since sharing my first report was unappreciated, I simply and unequivocally refrained from sharing, ..which of course didn’t end well.

Obamacare - pixie dust 3a

I have never appreciated stupid, (irregardless) of who “is” touting it.

Question: Why do I continue to use the word (irregardless) when it is improper, and/or, (unrecognized) by my mentor, and/or, Merriam-Webster. 

because it's fun - graphic 1

I am indeed a staunch believer in self-reliance and personal responsibility. Nevertheless, if one does not allow for fun in their life, they have no life. 

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Name withheld by request.      (Mixing yer P’s and Q’s).

My husband doesn’t like me reading your blog, he voted for Barack Obama. He thinks I voted for Barack Obama, but I really voted for Mitt Romney. I’m a black woman in my early thirties, I own my own business and I would like it to grow.

My husband has been unemployed for two years along with more than thirty percent of the black man in our County.

But they still think that Barack Obama can walk on water. 

In Reply 2b

Dear name withheld, without casting any aspersions upon your husband or any other black man in this country that is unemployed, by the time Barack Obama vacates the Oval Office in 2017, he just may have to walk on water because (in my opinion), I can’t think of any land above sea level on the North American continent where he will be welcome. 

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Joshuaxxxxx@…        (Inequality in America).

I found this site three days ago and I love it. A question if I may? Are you the guy that invented sliced bread?

If necessity is the mother of invention, you have to be the justification for reality.

Why aren’t you in the White House instead of Mr. Hope and Dreams? 

In Reply 2b

Hello Joshua, “Great Question,” ..but then being decidedly (partial), and/or, (bigoted) towards myself, ..and “Common Sense” conservatives in general, what else would I say? 

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abby_dee43@…             (Inequality in America).

With your imagination, experiences and grit, you should be on television sharing your stories and opinions beyond the limits of a computer screen. 

In Reply 2b

Dear Abby, (sorry I couldn’t pass that up). I’d love to be on television, “with a salary,” – “a sharp wardrobe,” – and at least a hundred thousand copies of yourself to praise my prattle.

Question: Do you “own” a Broadcasting Network, or if you’d like, ..I’d be willing to start on a cable channel.

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Bensonhurst88@…           (Inequality in America).

I love your dictionary definitions, your graphics, your disdain for idealistic liberals and most of all, your wit. 

In Reply 2b

Hello Bensonhurst, I too love my dictionary definitions, my graphics, my disdain for idealistic liberals and my wit.

Albeit most of all, I love my God and my Country. My fondest wish, (if fondest wishes were granted)…

making a wish 2a

..would be that “my” God and “my” Country will survive to be around for a millennium of generations. 

in closing - closing 1a

As Barack Obama is a graduate (or so America has been led to believe) of “two” Major American Universities and is touted to be a constitutional scholar, (it is) difficult for me to believe that he hasn’t read the Constitution, ..or that he doesn’t have a handle on the concepts of democracy and capitalism.

Question: Is it not confusing to understand an individual who thinks like a communist and spends “money” like a thousand drunken sailors?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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