The man with the Shoestring Brain..

According to Webster: “shoe·string,” (in context) A small amount; barely adequate.


Question: What is an idealist?

According to Webster: “i·de·al·ist,” (in context) One who is unrealistic and impractical.

Obamacare - Page Break 3a

Obamacare - pixie dust 2a

According to Webster: “im·prac·ti·cal,” Unwise to implement or maintain in practice.

shoestring - page break

Question: What is a realist?

According to Webster: “re·al·ist,” One who is inclined to literal truth and pragmatism.

Question: What is a pragmatist?

According to Webster: “prag·ma·tism,” A practical, matter-of-fact way of approaching or assessing a situation and solving problems.

Question: Who, and/or, whom in America, “past or present” might be alluded to as a pragmatist?

George Washington - pragmatist 1a

George Washington was a pragmatist.

James Madison - pragmatist 1a

 James Madison was a pragmatist.

Benjamin Franklin - pragmatist 1a

Benjamin Franklin was a pragmatist.

Andrew Jackson - pragmatist 1a

Andrew Jackson was a pragmatist.

Lincoln - pragmatist 1a

Abraham Lincoln was a pragmatist.

Jeanine Pirro - pragmatist 1a

Judge Jeanine Pirro ( is ) a pragmatist. 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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