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 According to Webster: “a·lert,” Vigilantly attentive; watchful.

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Warren.renee@…     (Sunday Morning Trivia – Tattoos)

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The tattoo on the maori mans face that was in Joseph Banks journal isn’t called a tattoo or scarring, painting or staining, it is called a ta moko, the new Zealand tribe’s call it Ta Moko. and samoa has nothing to do with it.

Your information is wrong. 

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Hello Renee, thank you for catching me up, I can’t tell you how much (better I slept) after you set me straight on the tattoo, and/or, (as you corrected) the (ta-mako) on the Maori man’s face. You are indeed a true Renaissance man.

With that said, I began my Sunday Morning Trivia offerings in an attempt to provide something divergent and interesting for my readers, it didn’t work.

scrapped it 1

(Sidebar); …

I have no idea how much time you spend on any given day surfing the “Web” to find (screw ups), albeit I’m aware of how many hours a day and hours throughout any given week that I dedicate to researching the material that I publish.

In a perfect world, I’m sure that there would be no misspelled words or incorrectly labeled tats. Damn shame “we” (or more correctly) “I” don’t live in a perfect world.

(Suggestion), You, Bruce and Russ should “found” a club. 🙂

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irene.lp46@…         (Law and Un-enforcement).

Beginning with “Law and Un-enforcement,” thru “For the Good of the Nation,” into “A brief History of Persuasion” you make reference to what the media in New York City refers to as “Hit a Jew,” and elsewhere across the nation, more commonly as the “Knockout Game.”

For someone who claims not to be a racist or a bigot, you sure come down hard on black people. 

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 According to Webster: “game,” An activity providing entertainment or amusement; a pastime. 

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According to Webster: “se·man·tics,” The study or science of meaning in language forms.

From truth or…

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“I ceased to advertise my mother’s race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites.”-Truth!

According to Webster: “in·gra·ti·at·ing,” Calculated to please or win favor.

This is an accurate quote from the introduction to Dreams from My Father. The book chronicles Obama’s experience as the son of an African father and an American mother.

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According to Webster: “dis·hon·est,” Disposed to lie, cheat, defraud, or deceive. 

Michelle Obama - proud

..for the “first time” in my “adult” lifetime, ..I’m “proud” of my country… 

Michelle - Safari 1

So proud in fact that during Barack Obama’s first term it is reported that Michelle expended approximately $10,000,000 taxpayer dollars to provide a conduit for the disenfranchised to live vicariously through her and her family. 

According to Webster: vi·car·i·ous (in context) One person substituting for another.

simple humble.2jpg

According to Webster: “big·ot,” One who is strongly partial to one’s own group, religion, race, or politics and is intolerant of those who differ.

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I could give a flying rats “behind” what color your skin is, or what color Barack Obama’s skin is. What matters to me is how an individual treats me. If you treat me with respect, I’ll treat you with respect. If you judge me, (you’re wasting your time), time that could be spent doing something productive.

Both my parents were white, “ta-da” ..accordingly, I’m white.

Question: Am I partial to individuals in my own group?

bet your Bibby 1

According to Webster: “group,” An assemblage of persons or objects gathered or located together; an aggregation.

How about that? In their definition, Merriam-Webster makes absolutely no reference to size, shape or “color” of a (person) or (objects) gathered or located together to make a group.

Newsflash; “In the particular “gathering” of persons I consider to be “friends” there are no color requirements, however there are parameters. I am particularly “intolerant” of visionaries and progressive folks.

If a black person attacks a white person and knocks them unconscious on video – it’s a game.

If a white person accosts a black person, (irregardless), of injury, – even if it’s simply verbal, – it’s a hate crime.

Good night Irene…

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 zagnut409@…         (Fear)

Old news, don’t you have more than one shirt?

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Hello Zaggy, …may I call you Zaggy? As a matter of fact, I have a whole closet full of shirts and several pairs of shoes. However, (admittedly), when it comes to trousers, and/or, (pants), I only have one pair that I really like. My “Big Boy” pants, ..the ones I wear when I researched the material that I publish.

With that said Zaggy; ..considering the fact that there are more than seven billion folks on this planet, “sadly” you’re not the only individual that I’m concerned with. 

Have a great day, and come back real soon, – ya hear!

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uwandaround@…          (Fear).

First, I love Sullivan, after which I love this site. I write a blog about food because it’s what I know about. Now with your site I’m beginning to learn about life. Thank you, keep it up. Melanie. 

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Dear Melanie, thank you for your comment, your support and your kind words. I too have a great fondness for the Big Blue and Purple “polkadotted” guy, ..and of course for “Mikey” as well.

Although I rarely share my interests in the culinary arts, I began cooking at my mother’s side when I was five.

My mother, albeit an absolutely wonderful woman, she was my father’s wife dearly devoted to pleasing him. My father, although not a totally unrefined example of humanity, he did possess, (at least in my opinion), “taste buds” equivalent to the bark on an oak tree. 

Accordingly, on the rare occasion when a portion of a steers hindquarters found its way into our kitchen, my mother, “please” my father, promptly transformed into the equivalent of a shoe sole. (Dad liked his “repast” well done).

When I was six years old we moved from the suburbs of Oxnard, California to the rural wilds of Thousand Oaks, Ca. Where I upgraded from my Daisy Red Ryder B.B. gun to a J.C. Higgins single shot (plunger firing pin), .22 caliber rifle with which I harvested a grand amount of “Animalia” for our dinner table.

wild game Stew

When I was a kid, ..if it was “meat” was stewable.

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Question: Do I consider myself a good cook?

A question that I have always answered with a humble; “I’m not the best cook in the world, – but I’m the best you’ve ever seen. 

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jasonxxxx@…           (America’s One Trick Pony).

I’ve been reading your blog for more than a year now, for the most part I believe it to be the most enjoyable conservative commentary on the web. If you want me to continue logging on, leave Quasimodo alone. Barack Obama is not worthy of his crown, or anyone’s crown. Jake.

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Hello Jake, “enjoyable” is good, – Hell, “enjoyable” is great! Which of course, (if I’m not mistaken) is the “reason” that I spend so much time trying to inform America about Barack Obama’s inequities.

According to Webster: “in·eq·ui·ty,” Injustice; unfairness.

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mason_dixon6@…       (He said – She said).

I got the same email about six weeks ago, I believed it until I read your post. Thank you.

Not for defending Hillary Clinton, for defending the truth.

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Touché, ditto, ditto, ditto and Touché again. Hillary Clinton, although in my most (considered and honest opinion) could not be excluded from being described as a “character.” In my most (considered and honest opinion,) Hillary ( is ) without a doubt an individual “without” character.

According to Webster: “char·ac·ter,” The qualities or features that distinguish an individual.

Although I could easily fill the next twenty pages providing examples of Hillary Clinton’s inadequacies without breaking a sweat, it would be (in my opinion) simply beating a dead horse, and sense I have more respect for horses, (alive or dead), ..I’m simply going to move on.

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simonsez.knot2@…        (He said – She said).

God provided Barack Obama to save us from Hillary Clinton, (boy did we screw up) God doesn’t want me to scrw up again and neither do I.  So I’ve jumped the fence , I am a conservative now.

in reply - readers forum 2

Being an individual who both respects God and anyone who would oppose Hillary Clinton occupying the Oval Office, I will not challenge you.

In fact, (the truth be known) I’d  welcome your company anytime. 

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nigelwills@…      (The Potomac Two Step).

My question is not only how can you post what you post every day, why do you post what you post every day? 

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Hello Nigel, great question. The short answer to which would be; “I enjoy it.

Albeit, since I’m not particularly a short answer guy, I’d have to say that writing this blog has provided me with a purpose and a reason (not to set on my butt) in front of my fifty-two inch flatscreen.

Albeit, expanding beyond my butt and my 52 inch flatscreen, I believe in the U.S. Constitution and America, and/or, more correctly, the America that I grew up in.

In a conversation with one of my daughters a few days ago, a young woman that I love and admire enormously for her tenacity in becoming a (worthy) self-reliant citizen of this proud Nation.

Where we differ, (and we do differ) is in the content of what each of us believes America to be.

I believe America to be the Nation founded on the ideas and principles of men like George Washington, James Madison and Abraham Lincoln, a free Nation of opportunity for those willing to invest their labor…

..whereas my daughter, a university graduate, believes that those that are “fortunate” enough to be the (recipient) of a University education should, ..and/or, ..are in some manner “responsible” for the disenfranchised and the less fortunate.

According to Webster: “dis·en·fran·chise,” To disfranchise.

Which of course isn’t much of a definition or an explanation, so I think I’ll put in my two cents; “disenfranchised, at least in my opinion) is the equivalent of (lazy) and (stupid).

According to Webster: “la·zy,” Resistant to work or exertion; disposed to idleness.

According to Webster: “stu·pid,” Slow to learn or understand; obtuse.

My daughter achieved what she has achieved by not being lazy and not being stupid…


To quote Anthony Hopkins from one of my favorite movies; “The Edge.”

Anthony Hopkins - the edge 2

(What one man can do – another man can do.)


When my daughter enrolled in her university, she used her real name and address. My daughter didn’t scam the system by pretending to be a foreign student.

Obama ID card 1

Intellectually my daughter is far better qualified to serve as President of the United States than Barack Obama, yet as much as I respect and love her, (I would not vote for her), because her ideology like Barack Obama’s, “advocates,” for the free lunch bunch.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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