He said She said..

he said she said - graphic 1

According to Webster: “con·tro·ver·sy,” A dispute between sides holding opposing views.

Hillary - what difference 1

difference can it make 1

Which of course is “correct” in the mind of a liberal, after all, they (the Al Qaeda mob) weren’t dragging Chelsea through the streets, Chris Stevens was simply some guy that worked for her and since her roster of (employees) was longer than her bosses list of broken promises – why would a “bona fide” (in good standing) card-carrying (it’s our world) “liberal” place a value on someone outside of her immediate family?

they were friends 1a

Vince Foster 1

(Vince Foster).

They were, but then (if) memory serves “Dame” Hillary was also (friends) with Vince Foster.

According to Webster: “dame,” Used formerly as a courtesy title for a woman in authority.

Question: Why am I scraping Hillary up from the bottom of my conservative barrel when I made a “specific” reference in my Readers Forum” this week that she didn’t merit notice? 

I stand by 1a

However, (as the world turns) my “inbox” was the recipient of a regurgitated (forward) this week… 

blasting - graphic 1

..Hillary for defending Black Panther member Warren Kimbro for torturing and murdering (a brother) Black Panther “Alex Rackley in 1969.”

If anyone is really interested in things and people that don’t matter and don’t make a difference? (In my opinion) it would be the things, and/or, the worthless misinforming information produced and distributed by (wrongheaded) “agenda driven” folks who (subscribe) to the same “practice and ideology” of (blatant lying) that “our” (uber-corrupt) government does.

Question: Why would any Homo sapien with common sense and a sense of morals stoop to lying to achieve a goal when the truth about folks like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is more than enough to send both of them to hell and beyond?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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