America’s One Trick Pony..

one trick pony Obama 7

It is no secret that I am “not,” ..nor have I ever been a fan of Barack Obama. With that said, I give Barack Obama his due as one of the most talented political campaigners America has ever seen.

Albeit, when the dust settles and the signs and banners are stored away, takes a hell of a lot more than a “charismatic grin” and a (proclivity for blather) to conduct the business of three hundred and fifteen million people.

(Sadly) at least in the (humble opinion) of a conservative like myself, Barack Obama is destined to relieve Quasimodo…

Quasimodo - King of fools

..of the Crown of Fools. 

Of course (again in my opinion) since there’s no “fudging” way that Barack Obama could win “The Crown of Fools” on his own, I believe it only fair that he share the “title” with the imbecilic morons who cast their votes for him, not once, but twice.

Stupid isn’t a good “Brand” for (us), it’s a good thing that America is a resilient nation that has proven its capacity to overcome and recover from “adversities” greater than our current Commander-in-Chief is capable of manufacturing.

bumper car 3

According to Webster: “ca·pa·ble,” (in context) Having the ability required for a specific task…

Question: How many of you reading this think it would be beneficial to America if Barack Obama were accomplished at something other than entertaining himself?

Obama - golfing 1


Obama - bicycle 1


Obama - swimming 1


Obama - drinking 1


A black guy, a communist and a muslim walk into a bar, – the bartender ‘sez; “GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT.”

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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