LAW, ..and Un-Enforcement.

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According to Webster: “cor·po·ral,” Of or relating to the body.

According to Webster: “pun·ish·ment,” A penalty imposed for wrongdoing.

Historical Fact: “Corporal Punishment,” and/or, (a spanking), as it was both (commonly) and (frighteningly known) when I was a lad. Was indeed, ..and without “hesitation or waiver,” issued by my father when warranted.

Question: By whose authority did my father decide when a spanking was warranted?

In truth, and in reality, – my father derived his authority from the same source that Barack Obama, (currently) and (sadly) the President of the United States, derives his authority to (NOT) enforce “our,” Constitution, ..and/or, America’s laws.

image - knockout game 1

The image above is of a woman, brutally attacked for no other reason than street CRED and entertainment. It does not matter to me that the woman was identified as Jewish, nor does it matter to me that the man was identified as black.

The woman lying on the sidewalk (is) a U.S. citizen, I have no knowledge of her political affiliation. I have no knowledge of who she voted for in 2008 or in 2012?

Her right to choose is an inalienable right. With that said, (at least in my opinion) the woman also has an inalienable right not to end up unconscious on a cold hard sidewalk by the hand of a man with no respect for humanity or the law.

Question: (subjective), Where do you (imagine) this man, (irregardless) of his race, religion, or political affiliation, (if any?) Acquired his ideology, and/or, disrespect for the law?

Obama - Brewer - un-enforcement

 (Immigration law is federal law – back off toots).

It is (my fervent and considered opinion) that Barack Obama’s ideology and policies are (wholly) responsible for the (rise) in the “disrespect for America’s laws.”

In many of his campaign speeches on the road to the White House, (too many in my opinion) Barack Obama boldly and blatantly explicated that if elected he would “fundamentally” change the way America did business.

According to Webster: “fun·da·men·tal,” (in context) Of or relating to the foundation or base; the essential components of a system or structure.

Which of course in America, is our (Constitution), “our” (law). Not my law or your law or Barack Obama’s law, ..but rather the United States of America’s law.

Barack Obama in my opinion, has indeed delivered on (his promise). American Presidents (use to) enforce America’s laws, Barack Obama has changed that.

Question: Is this the “change” (you) wanted for yourself and your family?

knockout game 2

 (Take another look).

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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