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With cooler temperatures prevailing across the nation, and around the world, (it would seem) from the “increase” in my “readers comments” that I have Mother Nature to thank, (at least in part) for the number of folks that spent time “inside” with their keyboards this week.

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As I currently conclude each days offerings with; …

“Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

I feel a “tremendous” obligation to apologize, explain and take responsibility for the (violation) I committed on May 10, of this year as I missed editing a monumental “fubar.”

fubar 1a

It has been brought to my attention “via” the conscience and correctness of a (reader), ..not necessarily (a fan)?

That on may 10, 2013, I published a blog entitled; “As Good as Gold” in which (in his opinion) I was incorrect in my usage of two words; (to) and (too).

two and two equal four 2a

According to Webster: “too,” (in context) adv. In addition; also: He’s coming along too.


USAGE NOTE: A number of commentators have objected to the use of not too as an equivalent of “not very,” as in She was not too pleased with the results. In many contexts this construction is entirely idiomatic and should pass without notice: It wasn’t too long ago that deregulation was being hailed as the savior of the savings and loan industry. It was not too bright of them to build in an area where rock slides occur. In these cases not too adds a note of ironic understatement. · Negation of too by can’t may sometimes lead to ambiguities, as in You can’t check your child’s temperature too often, which may mean either that the temperature should be checked only occasionally or that it should be checked as frequently as possible. · Too meaning “in addition” or “also” is sometimes used to introduce a sentence: There has been a cutback in federal subsidies. Too, rates have been increasing. This usage cannot be called incorrect, but some critics consider it awkward.

to be or not to be 2a

According to Webster: “to,” (prep). In a direction toward so as to reach: went to the city.


Important derivatives are: to, too, de-, deteriorate. de-. Demonstrative stem, base of prepositions and adverbs.

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Nick61@…      (As good as Gold)

You can’t even spell the 3 letter word TOO, and I am supposed TO take interest in what you say? Harry Verderchi Paisano! (;

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Good Morning Russ…

Being as gentle as possible, as I have “iterated” more times than I have fingers and toes, …

high school dropout - page brea

..with a background in proper English and punctuation, not near the bottom of the barrel, but rather (based) directly on the bottom of the barrel.

My writing skills are derived from my ability to speak, (not) my ability to type. My spelling skills are trusted to Microsoft word’s (spell check) and my understanding when necessary, is farmed out to my Merriam-Webster dictionary.

(Sidebar); …

As a personal favor from me to you Russ, ..might I suggest that you invest in a dictionary, as the (correct spelling) for (Verderchi) is “Verde chi.” In following, the (correct spelling) for (Paisano) is “Pisano.”

I’m a High School drop out – what’s your excuse?

Just Say'in - Page Break

As for my spellings of (too) and (to) ..both words are spelled correctly.

grammatically questionable 1a

Dragon naturally speaking logo

I am currently using Dragon’s version 12.5 Professional, ..a product I would highly recommend to anyone. Especially (to) old guys like me who have no feeling in their fingers after a pair of carpal tunnel surgeries 3+ years ago.


A personal note; “(in my opinion), technology used to inform the uninformed that technology can be a “Godsend,” or it can be mankind’s worst nightmare from the bowels of Hell.


“Irregardless,” (with full knowledge that (irregardless) is not a correct word recognized by Merriam-Webster), …

I truly enjoy and appreciate my “First Amendment” (rights) to “Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press,” as well as my freedom to use (poetic license) whenever and wherever I see fit.

(A personal note); I truly hope that Russ won’t be too…

disheartened - page break my correcting his spelling of “Verderchi Paisano,”

I take my responsibility to provide accurate information quite seriously, in considering (my personal opinions) “considered or humble” they are all available to acceptance or rejection.  

In considering my “spelling and grammatical” errors, – Let he who is without spelling and grammatical errors cast as many stones as he or she sees fit.

disheartened - page break 2a

sunflower - smiley face 1a…         (Readers Forum – Doin’ Good).

I like everything you write because I learned a lot, but I like the Readers Forum best, even though you let Roger off a lot easier than I would have. Also why did you say that we are odd creatures unlike any other on the planet?

in reply - readers forum 2

Hello sunflower; First, – thank you for your participation and your comment. To your first question; – my quarrel is with Barack Obama’s policies and his ideology, ..not with Roger, Roger is an American who made a mistake. In his comment Roger was genial and edifying, accordingly he deserves my respect and consideration.

To your second question; Albeit we do not have the largest brain to mass, God provided us with the capacity to reason. (Not that we make adequate use of his gift).

With our bone structure extremely similar to that of a primate and a bear, “nature dictates” that we should be (walking and running) on all fours, ..instead of walking and running bipedal like a chicken or an ostrich…

As for our (unorthodox) and (unpredictable) temperament, God, (for whatever reason?) provided man with both grazing teeth like a bovine, ..and canine teeth like a timber wolf, that alone not only sets man apart from (any other) animals, – it’s confusing as hell to most.

disheartened - page break 2a

doubletap.44@…        (The Dawkins Delusion).

I’m a friend of Bill, one of his 36, first what is beneath the barrel on your Ruger .44, and why is it there? Second, how did you get a Blackhawk trigger guard to work on a Super Blackhawk?

in reply - readers forum 2

Hello D. T., any friend of Bill’s is a friend of mine. Although I am fully aware that “common sense” dictates that one should never assume – (I’m assuming from your email handle) that you either own or are somewhat fond of the caliber .44?

There are no Blackhawk parts on my Super Blackhawk, the barrel is a Douglas supreme cut to 9 inches and tapered for aesthetics.

The (sail) and/or (rib) under the barrel is of my own design and meant to mimic the appearance of the…

1875 Remington 2

1875 Remington revolver. 

A favorite piece of pig iron and Americana of mine for more than 60 years.

As for the trigger guard on my Super Blackhawk, ..”stainless steel” welding rod and a steady hand, after which you simply grind off that which isn’t round.

disheartened - page break 2a

emilyxxxxxx@…       (The Dawkins Delusion).

As a Christian woman, God bless you. As an American citizen, thank you for your service. As a reader who doesn’t always agree with what you write, thank you for this article.

in reply - readers forum 2

Hello Emily, thank you for your comment, individuals who do not always agree with what I write are my favorite people.

Trust yourself first and you will get it right more often than not. Hope to hear from you again in the future.

disheartened - page break 2a

borderlinexxx@…        (On the W.A.R. Path).

I’ve been writing a blog for several months now and I hope you don’t mind, I borrow a lot of graphics from you because I don’t have a graphics department. Keep up the great work. Randy.

in reply - readers forum 2

Hello Randy, always happy to help out a fellow in need, ..or want?

As for my graphics department, it consists of a single (soon to be) 72-year-old man with arthritis, a great sense of humor and a devout respect for Charles Caleb Colton.

Who is Charles Caleb Colton you ask?

Charles Caleb Colton - flattery 1a 

Charles Caleb Colton is the man who provided the world the expression; …

 imitation - page break 1a

…so you’re welcome to “cut-and-paste” anytime your heart desires.

disheartened - page break 2a

in_time.4_xxxx@…       (Dust Bunnies).

I was recently offered part-time or no time with a company I was employed by for 12 years because of Obamacare. Your picture of the broom and the bunnies was emotional. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. I work for Walmart now, it’s harder work for less money, but I have health benefits again because my mother got me a job in upper management.

in reply - readers forum 2

Dear I.T. Four…

According to Webster: “nep·o·tism,” Favoritism shown or patronage granted to relatives.

Kudos my friend, if one “owns” a loaf of bread, it is theirs to consume. I am a devout believer in “personal responsibility and self-reliance.”

There is nothing in this life more (personal or reliable) than family. As I am sure you are aware and soon America will join you, the (sad) knowledge that as “our” government under the (thumb), and/or, administration of Barack Obama cannot be trusted.

Some will believe this paragraph cruel, nonetheless there is absolutely nothing in the U.S. Constitution (as penned by our founding fathers), ..about providing “healthcare, food stamps or cell phones” to any part of America’s population.

For those of you yet to read the Constitution (as penned by our founding fathers), copies are available both at your local library and on the Internet.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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