Veterans Day 2013..

what is a veteran 2

According to Webster: “vet·er·an,” A person who has served in the armed forces.

Veterans Day - 2

According to Webster: “re·mem·brance” (context) To honor the memory of a person or an event; a memorial.

For myself, as a veteran of Vietnam, I like to spend the day with the men I served with…

weapons squad, Vietnam 65

..a raggedy looking bunch to be sure.

On November 12, 1965, after breakfast, I spent a portion of my morning trading shiny 150.5 grain copper jacketed ball ammunition with some fellas in the North Vietnamese Army “during” a symphony of mortar round explosions (interrupted occasionally) by the swishing crescendo of napalm delivered by a Sandy…

(November 12th. was my last day in country).

Skyraider 2a

(Sandy, and/or, a Douglas A-1 Skyraider).

veterans - page break

cat and mouse 1

But was I uncomfortable?

According to Webster: un·com·fort·a·ble (in context) Causing anxiety; disquieting.

You bet your (sweet bippi) I was uncomfortable and beyond, “beyond” (having a nightmare) in which I voted for Barack Obama uncomfortable.

But then, ..enough about me, ..this is a day set aside for remembering everyone who has made a contribution to the security of America…

veterans - what's mine is yours 1a

Of course being the “divisive disgruntled conservative” that I am, I believe that America and Americans should also “remember” the contributions of those among us who don’t hold America in the same esteem…

Veterans Day - Ben Ghazi

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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