According to Webster: “in·vest·ment,” (in context) – A

commitment - liberty 2a

In the past two and a half years, I’ve made a lot of inquiries, and/or, (asked a lot of questions), some in-your-face, others nearing subliminal in an effort to reach “Americans” to relate what I believe in.

And judging from the response I’ve received via this website, I haven’t done a very good job.

Question: So what am I doing wrong?

Am I the one that doesn’t understand the meaning of…

declaration of - investment 2a

When a child is conceived, whether by course or by chance, a man and a woman have made an investment, ..and/or, ..a commitment

investment - fetus 1

Question: Is the government constitutionally, and/or, (legally) or (morally) “responsible” ..for (the act of conceiving a child) in America

investment - sandbox 1

Question: Is the government constitutionally, and/or, (legally) or (morally) “responsible” ..for (every child born) in America?

investment - homeless 1a

If Barack Obama truly adheres to being his brothers keeper, why is the White House not open to homeless folks on cold winter nights?

investment - homeless 2

Question: How many, homeless people could be clothed, fed and housed for the price of one state dinner or one Hawaiian vacation?

investment - cracker jacks 2

Question: When you purchase something, be it a flatscreen television or a box of cracker jacks, do you expect value for your money?

According to Webster: val·ue,” An amount money or trade considered to be a fair and suitable equivalent for something else.

According to Webster: af·ford·a·ble,” That can be afforded.

investment - empty pockets 2

According to Webster: “af·ford·ed,” To have the financial means for; be able to meet the cost of:

Obama indulgence 7 (2)

Our commander-in-chief has the (means) ..the U.S. taxpayer (to meet the cost of) pretty much “anything” that pops into his or Michelle’s head at any given time on any given day, which they affirm every time he plays golf (in Hawaii) ..or she takes the girls to Vail or Martha’s Vineyard.

What is “affordable” to the Obama’s, ( by my research) is not affordable to every American.

Despise me if you like, albeit I grew up in an America where every American wasn’t responsible for every other American. I grew up in an America where decent men opened doors for women and said please and thank you.

I respected my parents and my elders, “irregardless” of their ethnicity, financial status, or political affiliations.

I learned about Jesus and the Bible in Sunday school, and I learned about God and his 10 Commandments, and/or laws from a minister who didn’t molest children.

Was it a simpler time? Absolutely. There were less people in America then, thus (at least in my humble opinion) follows that there was less crime in American communities and less corruption in the halls of “our” government.

When I was a child, ..of course there were men and women who bypassed protocol when they entered America. Not that it made it (any less illegal), “they” came by the hundreds, not the millions.

investment - trash cans 2

Although I claim no skill in physics, I do know that you can’t fill a container beyond its capacity and maintain a desirable environment.

After seventy years of leaving footprints on this planet I have learned that at best, (life is a crapshoot) ..and for those of us “fortunate” enough to be born in America, a nation with laws, i.e., “the U.S. Constitution,” that guarantee us the “opportunity” to pursue happiness (with) liberty, (not to be confused with) “liberal,” we owe this Nation, “America” our allegiance and our protection from all enemies of “our” Constitution, ..both foreign and domestic.

Obama care - Constitution 1a  - Copy

The U.S. Constitution as delivered by our founding fathers is not a document (to be trifled with) anyone, especially by the men and women, i.e., (public servants) ..who draw their source of sustenance from it.

Food for thought; If Barack Obama and his (ilk) ..are truly interested in passing legislation to benefit America, (The Nation) not the population, try this on for size; …

Pass legislation that requires men and women (under threat of prison or fine or both), be (financially, legally, morally and spiritually responsible) for the children that “they” bring into the world.

investment - behind bars 1

If America would put “Deadbeat Dads” (in jail) for “eighteen” years (minimum sentence) for each child they (produce and abandon), America would have “both” a lot fewer deadbeat dads, and a lot fewer (taxpayer dependent) children.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow

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Crusader Rabbit…

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