definition - policy 2A

founding fathers - policy 1

America’s founding fathers had a “policy,” a policy that today all true patriotic Americans refer to as the U.S. Constitution.

A policy that has “served” America and American citizens for more than 230 years.

A policy that begins with the…

First Amendment - Ben Franklin 1A

..and to support, and/or, “backup” the First Amendment, our founding fathers (in their wisdom) saw fit to pin the “Second Amendment” as follows…

Second Amendment - rifleman 1A

An Amendment, ..or more correctly, (the) “Amendment” that makes America, “America.

Set apart from every other G.P.S. coordinates on the planet as the last bastion…

US map - flag - Constitution 3b -

..of hope and opportunity for a free people.

According to Webster: “bas·tion,” A well-fortified position; a defensive stronghold.

marching with Fife and drum 1

..for “free men and women” with ambition, imagination, hope and fortitude.

America's current ilk 1a

George Washington, the father of our country would indeed suffer in anguish for the sheep that delight in the (free lunch) policies of our current administration.

According to Webster: “so·ci·e·ty,” (in context) A group of people guided by mutual interests and a common culture

America and the Constitution, by the design of our founding fathers welcomes individuals from all cultures, religions and ethnicities, wealthy or poor.

America’s promise to men and women who seek opportunity in America is (not) “food stamps and universal healthcare.” It is a chance to “pursue” life, liberty and happiness.

Barack Obama on security 1a

Individuals, (men or women) who avail themselves of their Constitutional “Second Amendment Right” ..to (Keep and Bear Arms) ..do have “one hundred percent” security and (can) ..if “he or she” so desires, have “one hundred percent” privacy, ..with zero inconvenience…

the right to keep and bear arms 2a

..if those (we) ..elect, ..attend to the business of managing the Nation’s affairs, ..instead of (injecting) “themselves and their beliefs into managing (We the People’s) affairs.

tyrants and dictators 1

Barack Obama is a “socialist/communist” ..in the tradition of others who “believed” that only certain “Elite,” individuals are capable of deciding what is (proper) in an ideal society, (his) ideal society.

Benjamin Franklin on security 1a

Benjamin Franklin was a man who understood men and the course necessary for a man to be a man.

judge Jeanine Pirro - policy 1a

Judge Jeanine Pirro 

Albeit in the 21st-century, with women taking an equal role in self-reliance and responsibility, ..women, (at least in my most fervent opinion) ..self-reliant women are America’s future.

U.S. Constitution - policy

If America is to survive as prescribed in “our” Constitution as written and as (intended) by “our” founding fathers, “We the People” who (love and revere) America, ..for America’s sake,

dinosaur bones 1

..understand that the “Good Old Boys Club” ..must to go the way of the dinosaur.

America is not a “toy” for bankers and politicians, (foreign or domestic), America is home to 315 million men women and children, America is my home, if you don’t love America as I do, ..leave it, ..and leave it now.

God bless you, I’ll be back tomorrow

Crusader Rabbit Logo - COLOR 1a

Crusader Rabbit…

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