An Inconvenient Truth..

an inconvenient truth 2  - Washing

According to Webster: “in·con·ven·ient,” (in context) – .n Not suited to the needs of; …

Al Gore - weatherman 1

..and I’m not talking about America’s buffoon “Al Gore” or the weather, I’m talking about the omnipotent lying Bastards and Bastardesses’ in our federal government.

This great nation, America, obtained its “status and privilege” via the sacrifice of patriots and heroes for more than 200 years…

Make no mistake, America, ..although a (free and generous) Nation, “America” is a “Christian nation.”

one nation under God - page bre

..not one nation under Allah or Buddha.

Barack Obama is not America’s first (progressive liberal, i.e., socialistic) president, ..nor will Obama most likely be the last, albeit, (at least in my humble opinion) ..he is America’s first anti-God – anti-American – “Marxist Communist” president.

Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich were well received by the German people at the beginning of his run, until the arrogant selfish monster who murdered six million “innocent” human beings found himself staring into America’s headlights.

Hitler’s goal was to dictate his ideology to the world via what he referred to as his blitzkrieg.

Barack Obama’s goal, (at least in my opinion), is to dictate, and/or, (force) his socialist/communist ideology on America’s citizens via what is referred to as Obamacare.

different strokes - page break 1a

Irrefutable factoid: Twenty-first Century society, irregardless of the GPS coordinates on the globe, requires a (medium of exchange), and/or, “money” to function.


In a healthy “opportunistic” society, is circulated via commerce, …

American commerce - red truck

According to Webster: “com·merce,” (in context) Buying and selling of “goods and services,” on a large scale, as between Cities or Nations.


In economics, goods and services are the outcome of human efforts to meet the wants and needs of people. Economic output is divided into physical goods and intangible services.

grocery checker 1

 (Tangible goods).

Goods are items that can be seen and touched, such as food, clothes, appliances, automobiles and homes.

automobile mechanic 1

(Auto repair service).

Services are provided by people, such as doctors, nurses, lawyers, barbers, repair mechanics, ..or the friendly face across the counter at Burger King or McDonald’s.

Mac Donald's counter person

(A friendly face).

(All) current occupations facing downsizing as “America’s economy is about to be devastated, or more correctly, beset upon by regulations taxes and fines to satisfy the (yet to be) defined pages in Barack Obama’s signature legislation;  The Patient Protection and Affordable Healthcare Act, and/or, ..

Obamacare - page break 1A

Consumption of goods and services is assumed to provide utility (satisfaction) to the consumer. (Source Wikipedia).

National Review Online…

doctors and nurses2a

More than 41,000 healthcare workers have been laid off so far this year, and much of the blame goes to Obamacare.

The cuts have affected mostly hospital staffing in response to reduced reimbursement rates for Medicare patients under the sequester, and cuts for some providers under the Affordable Care Act. (Source, Kevin D. Williamson). 

EBT - welfare credit card 1

Recently released data from the U.S. Census Bureau show that in the fourth quarter of 2011, (just short of half) ..of all Americans, (49.1 percent), received benefits from “one or more” government programs.

Out of a population then estimated to be 306.8 million, 151 million people…

Jason Greenslate - surfer

(Jason Greenslate).

To include this “dim-witted” ..albeit grinning California-based, surfer/parasite, (Jason Greenslate), ..who “received benefits” from at least one government agency. (Source, U.S. Census Bureau).

way America 1a

the clock is ticking - page bre 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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