Chaos Synopsis – Words and Deeds..

chaos - synopsis 1

According to Webster: “cha·os,” A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.

According to Webster: “syn·op·sis,” A brief outline or general view of a written work or a summary.

why don't folks trust me 1a

With our government currently in virtual (collapse) due to the inability of the (prima donnas) we the people (irregardless) of our political affiliation or ideology, have elected to represent us, in “our” business, “we the people,” need to step up in 2014 and decide whether (we) want America to remain a one nation under God, a free nation, or do (we), want to kick God to the curb and allow Barack Obama and his ilk to make America over into the image of Europe and the Middle East?

Barack Obama as cited more than a few times on this post, (is not) an American who believes in “traditional” American values.

protester - Medea Benjamin

Barack Obama does not believe in the First Amendment for anyone other than those individuals who follow and believe the rhetoric he reads from his Teleprompter.

Second Amendment - chaos

Barack Obama does not believe in the Second Amendment, for anyone other than those individuals who surround and protect him and his family.


Barack Obama does not believe in freedom of choice, ..he believes in; …

my way or the highway

unemployment - chaos 1

Barack Obama does not believe in capitalism or opportunity for anyone other than those folks who support his socialistic and communistic ideals.

promises unkept

 (Promises unfulfilled).

Question: If our commander-in-chief doesn’t believe in the first amendment, the Second Amendment, employment or freedom, what does he believe in?

collapse of America

In (my personal opinion), Barack Obama believes in Islam and the collapse of America.

According to Webster: “col·lapse,” To fall down or inward.

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The following is an article by Martin Schwirn, …

November 2011 

Synopsis 23, …

The Scan™ Meeting on 5 October 2011 surfaced a balanced set of three thematic areas, each of them featuring four topics.

Industry developments outlines issues affecting strategies and operations across a wide range of industries. These developments include the bankruptcy filing of photovoltaics company Solyndra and its effect on the entire industry, collaborations between players from various industries to address changing market needs, the public as a stakeholder of increasing importance, and new expectations of companies establishing outside research-and-development centers. Societal issues comprises more comprehensive developments that will have indirect but tangible impact across most companies’ operations, products, and services.

These developments include an increasing awareness of the need to regulate the use of social media, climate change’s impact on communities and economic regions, the potential for substantial Chinese migration globally, and a speculative look at the possibility of reaching a plateau in energy demand.

Human considerations captures new research and technology-based changes that will affect societies and human resources alike. Issues of relevance include considerations that favor temporarily disconnecting from information technology, mind-refreshing techniques that could benefit human resources and health care, the acceleration of labor division and challenges to establishing productive teams, and computer-based analytics that support—or threaten—human employees.

Patterns - chaos


Industry developments consists of four Patterns. P0265, “Solyndra and the PV Industry,” discusses the company’s failure and related aspects of the photovoltaics industry that may affect other renewable energy markets as well. P0266, “Novel Cross-Industry Partnerships,” presents a number of partnerships between companies that are from separate industries but have complementary competencies. P0267, “Public Opinion of Innovations,” highlights the public’s ability to affect strategic decisions. P0269, “Outsourced R&D Centers,” provides evidence of companies trying to find new approaches to pull outside innovations into their operations.

Societal issues also feature-s four Patterns. P0268, “Policing Social Media,” looks at recent events to discuss a growing call for the regulation of new communication platforms. P0272, “Seas of Change,” examines a few climate-change-related environmental effects and juxtaposes the threats and opportunities for various regions. P0273, “The Age of Chinese Migration,” lists examples of the increasing international migration activities of Chinese citizens and discusses the consequences for China’s economy. P0276, “Peak Energy Demand,” speculates about data points that suggest energy-demand growth might come to a close in developed countries.

Human considerations finishes off this month’s set with another four Patterns. P0270, “Silence Is Golden,” adds to the list of reasons for limiting access to information technology—particularly wireless access. P0271, “Refreshing the Mind,” highlights new research about ways to improve people’s attention, focus, and decision making.

brainwashing - chaos

P0274, “Hyperspecialization and Teams,” speculates about the effects of extreme division of labor facilitated by new technology platforms and emerging approaches on collaboration and team dynamics. P0275, “The New Computer Analysts,” presents early examples of computers taking over increasingly complex tasks, in the process establishing substantial changes for future work environments.

more unemployment - chaos

Signals of Change…

The Higher Education Bubble SoC543;

The potential for a substantial shake-up in some countries’ education systems exists. As tuition fees rise, education experts and prospective students alike are scrutinizing the true value of university education, and a resulting potential reevaluation could have some important consequences and poses some intriguing questions.

The Advent of Cyberwar SoC544;

Organized military units as a cyberthreat is a new phenomenon that potentially affects not just governments but also financial institutions, utilities, communications providers, and other infrastructure providers. The potential exists that these units could evolve into major military forces and join country defense as one of the cornerstones of warfare.

big brother - chaos 1a

 Advanced Augmented-Reality Applications SoC545;

Augmented reality—a modified and enhanced view of reality that provides additional information for a wide range of applications—has been hyped for years as the next big growth market, but technological hurdles, commercial considerations, and consumer issues have held back the technology; however, a noticeable shift has occurred in the marketplace.

Narratives: Hubs of Meaning SoC546;

The traditional function of narratives is to help people communicate information in a meaningful way. This basic premise is at the center of an increasingly concentrated area of activity by social scientists, governments, companies, and marketers—all hope to leverage the unique properties and natural uses of narratives for a broad range of applications in intelligence systems and in efforts to develop targeted communications for a wide range of applications.

Developing Smart Spaces SoC547;

Ambitious smart-space efforts probably will remain confined to military, industrial, and laboratory environments and some medical environments. But prototypes and concepts will offer the frameworks necessary for app developers and home-automation-technologies providers to drive smart spaces in commercially viable directions.

Education 2.0 SoC548;

Although technology (the internet in particular) has slowly made its way into education systems, the impact of emerging technology has been relatively modest so far. Today, however, numerous signs indicate that education is nearing the inflection point in the adoption curve for technology, potentially heralding the rapid diffusion of technology across the education industry.

In other words, or (at least by my considered interpretation), in the future foreseen by the progressives and the elite, there will be no room in Obama’s socialist America for the ass hats, and the ignorant who voted for him.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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