The Great Divide..

Rocky Mountains 1

At one time, “The great divide,” ..and/or, “Rocky Mountains” were viewed as insurmountable by most of North America’s native inhabitants.

Rocky Mountains 2a

With beauty “attributed to” being in the eye of the beholder, I have chosen the image above today, to display my personal choice for the awesome beauty of the Rocky Mountains.

According to Webster: “in·sur·mount·a·ble,” Impossible to surmount.

God bless America - page break 3a

nature 2

A waterfall, 

Beauty in nature, “irregardless” of its form, undeniably beautiful.


A butterfly,

nature 4

Trees in autumn,

nature 5

The magnitude of the Rocky Mountains.

God bless America - page break 3a

Mcdonnell Douglas F 15 Eagle Aircraft Wallpapers (4)

(McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle – beautiful in form).

technology - not beautiful

(Not so much – in practice).

God bless America - page break 3a

US citizen 1

This is a United States citizen.

Barack and Michelle partying

These people are United States citizens.

Obama indulgence 7 (2)

This United States “citizen” was hired by the adult population of America because he promised the citizens of America that under his administration, (all) Americans would enjoy a better life. 

commander and putts

This American citizen, (in my humble opinion)…

US citizen 1

(Has failed this American citizen, well as the rest of us).

iconic political symbols 1

Above are the iconic symbols of America’s (major) political parties, (a jackass) which traditionally represent (adamant stubbornness), ..and an, (elephant) ..which traditionally (is supposed to) represent (strength and reliance), facing away from each other.

By virtue of the fact that “our” elected officials, Democrat and Republican, are (employed) for the same purpose, serve the American taxpayer. It is unimaginable to me that anyone with common sense and a belief in God and country could allow the behavior currently being displayed by the men and women we employ to manage our affairs.

your grounded Bud

Fact: If your children didn’t get along any better than the (imagined elite) in our government, would take away their privileges immediately.

very interesting 1

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow.


Crusader Rabbit…

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