Confusing Love with Desire..

George Washington at Valley For

 (George Washington at Valley Forge – Winter 1777).

According to Webster: “love,” (in context) Compassion; with no thought for a reward.

anything you want 1

(I promise – anything you want – anything!). 

According to Webster: “prom·ise,” (in context) To afford a basis for an expectation: thunderclouds that promise rain.

Obama eating ice cream

According to Webster: “de·sire,” (in context) To wish for or want.

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the baby Jesus - God's blessing 1a

Homo sapiens, although God blessed us with a capacity for reason, “we,” the (collective we) don’t always appreciate or take advantage of the gifts God has provided.

Some of us have wrong-headedly concluded that our gift of reason was provided to peek in our neighbor’s window and take his cow when he’s not at home.

Reason and love are most wonderful entities within the boundaries and parameters of “common sense,” albeit reason and love when distorted by desire can be devastating.

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Stop an individual on the street and ask him or her if they know the difference between a judgment and a decision? And you will get a myriad and medley of replies.

Jay Leno interview 1

(Excuse me Sir, …do you know the difference

between a judgment and a decision?).

Then ask a stranger if he or she knows the difference between prejudiced and bigotry?

Jay Leno interview 2

(Excuse me Ms. – do you know the difference

between prejudiced and bigotry?).

Third Question; Ask another stranger if he or she knows the difference between hate and fear?

 jaywalking - hate and fear 1

(Excuse me Sir, – do you know the difference

between hate and fear?).

Hate, (at least in my humble opinion), is derived from fear, which (does not) follow that love is derived from desire.

Desire, (again in my humble opinion) is biological, a “need” as well as (a wish and a want).

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Big Mac and fries 1

Man has never “needed” a (Big Mac, ..and, order of fries), with his choice of beverage, accordingly (without desire) the equation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and/or, a (burger and fries), McDonald’s wouldn’t be on top in the fast food wars.

So where does that leave us in defining, …

hate prejudiced and bigotry 1

Of course since I’m sure that everyone reading this already has their own definition of hate, prejudiced and bigotry, I’m going to pass on Webster’s definitions for this offering and go straight to the “true source” of everything I publish, (my own considered opinion).

Which of course, I never form without research; …

Hatred (or hate) is a deep and emotional extreme dislike that can be directed against individuals, entities, objects, or an idea.

Hatred is often associated with feelings of anger and a disposition towards hostility. (Source Wikipedia).

According to Yahoo; …

“From the book-of-Genesis standpoint, the Devil would have ignited the spark of hate to sprout, in years to come, with the tempting of Eve. Yet, The Bible gives us no clear information as to who or what first made the hate finally sprout up after Eve’s tempting.”

“From a secular standpoint, during the development of mankind, (there has to have been) some point when people, for the first time, started to develop emotions that led to the first expressions of hate.”

Question: In your judgment, and/or, (your humble opinions), who is hanging more on (maybe) in the foregoing definitions, us Christians and our Bibles? ..or the secular, and/or, folks who narrate their disbelief in God?

A ditty, (opinion/video) from YouTube; …

Click on URL above – 1:49 min.

Chuck's mustache - snakeskin ca

 (Me – circa – last week).

For me personally; in my experience all human behavior not only originates from man’s ego, all human behavior is perpetually directed by ego.

Merriam-Webster logo 2

According to Merriam-Webster: “e·go,” In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, and (most immediately) controls thoughts and behaviors in touch with external reality.

Summation: If hate (as I have proclaimed) truly derived from fear, then (reason) unequivocally dictates that (hate), more often than not the “motivation” for man’s judgments and decisions.

George W. Bush - the decider 2a

 (President Georgr W., and/or, “Self” proclamation, ..Decider).

Which of course means that Barack Obama was not elected because anyone liked him, but rather because the citizenry of America was dissatisfied, and/or, (hated) the government that was in place.

love is blind 1

(Love is universal and Love is Blind).

Which of course, at least (in my considered opinion), could make it necessary to add to our library of adages…

love versus hate 2a

How about; “Hate weighs more than Love?”

After a significant amount of pondering I have concluded that Barack Obama was elected to the office of President of the United States out of fear and hate, i.e., prejudiced and bigotry.

Black folks, whether or not they will toe the line and admit that they have been indoctrinated, and/or, brainwashed to dislike and distrust white folks, to (an equal level or degree) that white folks are indoctrinated, and/or, brainwashed to dislike and distrust black folks in their formative years is of no consequence, unless of course you’re an individual who has a passion for the truth.

Because when you come right down to it, there is no mystery about prejudiced or bigotry, it is taught, not just to white folks and black folks, ..(prejudiced and bigotry) is taught to folks of every color, every religion and every ideology.

Indisputable Fact: Barack Obama was raised by an atheist mother who was raised by communist parents.

Beyond acquiring the necessary votes to get elected, Barack Obama has no affinity for whites or blacks, he’s an individual that would throw anyone under the bus (white, black, brown, or purple) to achieve his goals.

According to Webster: “af·fin·i·ty,” A natural attraction or feeling of kinship.

people have choices 1a

 ..they should make informed ones! 

As not to leave my readers hanging; …

According to Webster: “judg·ment,” (in context) The act or process of “judging” the formation of (an opinion) after due consideration or deliberation.

According to Webster: “de·ci·sion,” (in context) Passing “judgment” on an issue under consideration.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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