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A “double-header” this morning from somewhere in the universe, ..and/or, ..more correctly cyberspace.

Zat19@ …,

“My friends and I find much to study on your website, please do continue to write your interesting articles.”

As a moderate percentage of the emails and comments I receive from readers include the word (study), I find myself concerned with the contingency that my (blather), ..and/or, (my opinions) and the (information), ..I glean from sources, such as (news articles), (watchdog groups), and (the online urban dictionary), along with (Wikipedia), will stifle (your) common sense and capacity for original thought.

Some of which of course, (I believe), and some of which I personally find (questionable).

Information, although a wonderful (contrivance), ..that we “Homo sapiens” ..all seek and sometimes covet, (cannot) always be taken at face value.

Accordingly, my best advice to anyone who enjoys reading my blather, is to do just that, (enjoy) what I publish, however, (only) substitute what I provide for what you believe when your “common sense” allows…

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My next selection for this morning comes from a new friend;

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Anonymous@ …

I’ve been visiting your website for about three months now, and I’ve read everything you’ve written. I didn’t finish high school either, but instead of getting a job and becoming someone, I got pregnant. My father, unlike your father was not a man that taught me how to work. My father taught me how to be afraid of life, especially men. I like what you write, because what you write makes me believe that I can be more than I am.

 you've got choices 1

First and foremost, anonymous and everyone who reads my offering today (must) understand that I am not (Dear Abby).

In my experience (which is all I have) it is my conclusion after 71 years on the planet that (Homo sapiens), and/or, (human beings) are indeed (odd) creatures.

According to Webster: “odd,” Deviating from what is ordinary, usual, or expected; strange or peculiar.

We Homo sapiens, and/or, human beings, at our core, and/or, ..within our souls, and need each other. Which of course is confusing, because at the same time we love and need each other, ..we hate and kill each other.

Albeit, (in my opinion) that holds true for every life form with a nervous system on our planet, ..whether you’re a (human being) or a (dung beetle).

Life functions via a system of nerves dedicated to guide us. In the majority, (the system) works great. Nonetheless, when caught in the minority, there can be no rhyme or reason for the devastation that takes place when the system fails.

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According to Webster: “dev”as·ta“tion,” (in context) To lay waste; destroy.

Human beings in a single day have the capacity to both end life in one arena while creating life in another.

We are neither all good or all bad, we are, as we “regularly excuse” ourselves from our social misdeeds, (only human).

you've got choices 1

The last question today I reserve for myself;

Question: Do I personally have the answer to “world peace” and universal happiness?

Answer: Absolutely! Albeit with that said; “Please note that I am fully aware that (no one) is going to take the (advice) of a 71-year-old blogger from Western South Dakota.

Postscript: Or at least “no one” has to date.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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