Education, education, education !

higher education 1

According to Webster: “ed·u·ca·tion,” Process of acquiring knowledge or a skill; learning. 

education - bandwagon 1b

With everyone from your aunt Hattie to the president of the United States on the bandwagon clamoring for kids to stay in school and get an education, ..why are America’s kids rated so far down the ladder in the world job market?

Irregardless of the growing number of American young folks who are educated above and beyond high school, …

University 2

..the number of young folks in America to whom a university education is “Pie in the Sky,” can be multiplied by the power of ten.


Quiz: Being the dictionary freak that I am, ..why did I begin my last paragraph with the word (irregardless)?

Although Kenny and I have discussed this matter to great lengths, (irregardless) is not a legitimate word.

Answer: Because “irregardless” of the fact that (irregardless) is not a legitimate word, ..Kenny and I both like it a bunch!


Although, (admittedly) I am a high school dropout, there is no one in America who is more of an advocate for education than myself.

With that said, let’s jump straight into reality and discuss what education actually is?

Education, (at least in my opinion) is so much more than setting in a classroom learning to read, write and discern the sum of 2+2.

First and foremost, education, (in my humble opinion) a person learning about who (he or she) is? ..prior to learning about who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Truth: Unless an individual knows who he or she is and is happy with who he or she is, there is no motivation for the individual to move from where they are to where they will be expected to understand the difference between any two opposing concepts.

it's black - it's white 1a

When this individual reaches maturity, and/or, legal age, will he or she understand what it means to be of legal age?

Will he or she understand the difference between right and wrong?

Will he or she understand the difference between left and right?

Will he or she understand the difference between black and white?

white is black 1a

Will he or she understand the difference between being responsible and self-reliant, from being irresponsible and dependent?

According to Webster: “de·pend·ent,” Relying on or requiring the aid of another for support: Subordinate.

dependency sucks - page break 1

According to Webster: “sub·or·di·nate,” Belonging to a lower or inferior class or rank; secondary…

Which, (in my most fervent opinion) is exactly where America is headed under the stewardship of our current commander-in-chief, ..Barack Hussein Obama!

corrupt wimpy socialist 1

Corrupt, wimpy, socialist.

According to Webster: “stew·ard,” One who manages another’s property, finances, or other affairs.

corruption sucks - page break 1A

Leading is an action, ..not a concept.

Boy Scout leader 1a

 Stalwart, honest and trustworthy.

According to Webster: “lead·er,” (in context) One that leads or guides.

Barack Obama, albeit a (poor) steward, ..he is the steward America is stuck with until 2016…

Barack Obama is not a leader, although for those of you who have a moment? I would like to introduce you to a leader…

Martha Cothren 1a

Martha Cothren

In the fall of 2005, Martha Cothren, a social studies teacher from Arkansas, with full support of the school superintendent and the principle, provided a lesson for her students that will long be remembered as, ..class after class, ..inquired as to why there were…

empty classroom 1a desks in her classroom on the first day of school?

A question that each time asked was responded to with an amiable..

“You can have a desk to set in when you can tell me what you have done to earn it? odd, ..albeit fair question, which “no one” throughout the day could provide Ms. Cothren with the right, ..and/or, ..a satisfactory answer.

Accordingly, at the end of the day Ms. Cothren went to the door of her classroom outside of which, stood 27 US military veterans from the second world war, Korea and Vietnam in full regalia.

As Ms. Cothren opened the classroom door, one by one the twenty-seven uniformed veterans proudly entered the room carrying a desk, as Ms. Cothren explained to her class that they had not earned the rights and privileges afforded them as an American citizen, ..but rather, ..the men carrying their desks had earned their rights and privileges for them.

A true story; “Verified by”

truth rules - page break 1a

My two cents; …

America as understood by all but the most backwards, ..and radical elements on the planet, (is) the unequivocal measure by which world standards are set.

The American dollar is the unequivocal standard in world banking, American science is the unequivocal standard in world technology, thus, (at least in my opinion) America’s ideology, America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights should be the standard by which the world accepts each other.

From the beginning of time, “man” with the advantage of his large brain and opposing thumb has risen from chipping flint to arm and feed himself, hitting a golf ball on the moon and beyond.

community organizer 1a

Man is capable of much more than seeking the assistance of a community organizer to apply for food stamps…

wrong for America 2

Barack Obama and his liberal socialist ideology is wrong for mankind, ..and for America, ..beyond words!

Postscript: A special “Thank You” this morning to Aunt Bodie for her contribution!

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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