In Black and White..

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Question: What does that mean?

According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary: black and white: 1. partly black and partly white in color.


Disappointed, albeit not surprised as with my extensive use of Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, I have come across more than a few discrepancies, and/or, gray areas, (pun intended), when searching for the truth.

Undisputed Fact: Neither black or white are represented at any level on the universal color wheel.

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2. sharply divided into good and evil. 3. sharply defined: clear-cut; …

the truth - black and white 1A 

Not to mention the fact that the truth is always simpler and less confusing than fiction and fantasy.

As example: Like the morning Jesse Jackson woke up and decided that being a black American wasn’t good enough. So he invented “African-Americans,” both a fiction, ..and a fantasy of the highest order. But then people like Jesse who depend on keeping the good folks who gather around them off balance enough to believe that they, “Jesse and his ilk,” are a necessity to those good folks to get through the day.

Indisputable Fact: Folks, people, Homo sapiens, or, human beings (born) within the territorial boundaries of the United States of America, (are) unequivocally, ..beyond the shadow of a doubt, .. Americans.


“Old Glory” ..and/or, “The Stars and Strips.”

Which, (if by no other measure) other than the fact that there are folks from pretty much every continent and nation on this big blue sphere who come to America to find a (better) life.

According to Webster: “bet·ter,” Greater in excellence or higher in quality than another of the same class, set, or kind 

A simple two syllable word, nevertheless a word that defines its purpose without confusion.

Indisputable fact: If you leave what you have for something (better) as defined by Merriam-Webster, what you had where you came from wasn’t good

According to Webster: “good,” Being positive or desirable in nature; not bad or poor.

Thus, by way of understanding that Merriam-Webster has absolutely no reason to mislead a patron, I submit to you, (all of you) that America is a (better) place to live than anywhere else on the planet.

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And not just because we have Walmart and Disneyland, but rather because we have a document born out of a desire not to live under tyranny and fear.

Question: So why is America’s current crop of citizens allowing themselves to be influenced by carpetbaggers and snake oil salesman?

The Truth; (and it’s gonna hurt), ..common unadulterated, …

stupidity - page break 1

Question: Is a man, woman or child with black skin born in Jamaica, an African?

Question: Is a man woman or child with any color skin born in Jamaica, an American?

The answer to my first question is (unequivocally) ..No! ..the answer to my second question is a (somewhat complicated),

complicated no 1a

Jamaican Americans are Americans of Jamaican heritage or Jamaican-born people who live in the United States.

American citizenship ( is not ) a requirement for being a Jamaican American as permanent residents are also given this title.

abstract - page break - African

Jamaica, the third largest Caribbean island, was inhabited by Arawak natives when it was first sighted by the second voyage of Christopher Columbus on 5 May 1494.

Columbus himself was stranded on Jamaica from 1503 to 1504 during his fourth voyage. The Spanish settled in Jamaica in 1509 and held the island against many privateer raids from their main city, now called SpanishTown, which served as capital of Jamaica from its founding in 1534 until 1872.

In 1655 Jamaica was conquered by the English, although the Spanish did not relinquish their claim to the island until 1670.

Jamaica gained independence on August 6, 1962, remaining a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The first prime minister was Alexander Bustamante of the Jamaica Labour Party.

Jamaicans are Jamaicans, regardless of the color of their skin or whether or not they live in America.

Indisputable Fact: If you are an individual male or female, black white green purple or, ..any variation, ..or shade of magenta, ..born in a sovereign nation, you are a citizen of that sovereign nation.

truth rocks - page break 3A

Undisputed fact: Africa is a continent, albeit recently (2011), is now home to a number of Walmart stores, ..they have yet to negotiate for a Disney Park.

Walmart logo 1

Walmart’s recent arrival in South Africa was in many ways like the company’s arrival in any other market: contested and controversial. Nonetheless it was also a milestone for retailing in the country and for Africa as a whole.

Whilst the question of Walmart’s corporate strategies and ethics is paramount for many, the world’s largest retailer setting up on the world’s poorest continent could inspire progress in local infrastructures as well as improve regional-integration groups’ efforts to counter corruption and improve border crossings.

page break - jobs and well 2a

There may be potential victims amongst South Africa’s retailing and manufacturing sectors, but Walmart’s arrival could bring tangential benefits for consumers across the continent.

African art - page break

The infamous and ambitious American retailer bought 51% of South Africa’s Massmart in 2011, spending $2.4 Billion dollars on a company that has 340 stores in 12 sub-Saharan countries.

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After unions protested, Walmart accepted some restrictions and pledged spending on training programmes for locals, in order to win approval for the acquisition from regulatory authorities.

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Jamaica, Africa, Japan, Europe or Timbuktu, Americans can be from anywhere, because all it takes to be an American, is to be an American…

character trumps color 1a

Fact: The color of a person’s skin is a result of biology, not geography.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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