A Great Question..

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According to Webster: “great,” (in context) Of outstanding significance or importance.

A recent question from a regular reader: Can you please tell me the difference between a reporter, a commentator, and a blogger?

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According to Webster: “ob·jec·tive,” Having actual existence or reality.

if a tree falls in the forest 1a

According to Webster: “sub·jec·tive,” Particular to a given person; personal.

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According to Webster: “truth,” Conformity to fact or actuality.

Honest answer: I can’t tell you.

I don’t know because life doesn’t hinge on what ( is ), ..life hinges on what an individual, ..you, I, or the guy that drives the big brown truck, (believes) what ( is ).

Bill Clinton - smoocher

In a feeble attempt to explain, I’d like to revisit Bill Clinton’s infamous explication to Congress during his preposterous (Monica Lewinsky) verbal intercourse with Congress.

Paraphrasing from my questionable memory; “It depends on what your definition of ( is ), ..( is )?


Bill Clinton - thumbs up

“Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, was impeached by the House of Representatives on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice, on December 19, 1998.

Two other impeachment articles, a second perjury charge and a charge of abuse of power, failed in the House. He was acquitted by the Senate on February 12, 1999.” (Source Wikipedia).

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An embarrassing moment in American history that many will remember as a (dark time), ..when in truth, ..the affair (pun intended) occupied much more than a (moment), and, (in my opinion), ..was more on the childish, ..and/or, ..(stupid side), than dark.

Back to my subscribers question: (In my opinion), a reporter, as the word itself suggests…

A News Reporter; …

Edward R Merle - caricature 1a

Edward R. Merle

According to Webster: “re·port·er,” (in context) A writer, an investigator, or a presenter of news stories.

..is an individual, “man, woman or child” ..who relates the (facts) of an event. (Employment or remuneration need not be involved).

A Fox News Reporter; …

Fox news reporter 1a Remuneration is involved !

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A commentator; …

Larry King 3

Larry king

According to Webster: “com·men·ta·tor,” A broadcaster or writer who reports and analyzes events in the news.

Which of course in (my biased opinion), falls way short of an objective definition.

As in (my considered opinion), ..a “commentator” could be anyone, you, me, or the guy who drives the big brown truck.

Extreme example; Have you ever (cut off) a driver in city traffic, if your answer is in the affirmative, that individual, he or she, most likely provided you with a commentary.

 A blogger…

According to Mirriam-Webster: (No Response).

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Resorting to (urban dictionary.com) …

Blogger: Word derived from (weblogger); one who keeps a weblog, ..a diary on the Internet.

Artie Johnson - very interestin 1a


A more thorough opinion; …

A Blogger:  ..according to Maddox?

blogger 1

“Term used to describe anyone with enough time or narcissism to document every tedious bit of minutia filling their uneventful lives.

Possibly the most annoying thing about bloggers is the sense of self-importance they get after even the most modest of publicity.

Sometimes it takes as little as a referral on a more popular blogger’s website to set the lesser blogger’s ego into orbit.

Then God forbid a blogger gets mentioned on CNN. If you thought it was impossible for a certain blogger to get more pious than he was, wait until you see the (expletive) storm of self-righteous save-the-world (expletive) after a network plug.

Suddenly the boring, mild-mannered blogger you once knew will turn into Mother Theresa, and will single handedly take it upon himself to end world hunger with his stupid links to band websites and other smug blogger (expletive).” Maddox.

God Bless Maddox - Page Break.2 jpg

Editorial: I have no idea who Maddox is? Albeit, it would be (my opinion) that Maddox didn’t have any toys as a child, and definitely wasn’t breast-fed. Nevertheless, I appreciate his input, ..thank you Maddox.

bloggers rule - page break 1

 Although I have little confidence in my ability to follow such a brilliant analysis; “I’ll give it my best shot.”

Yosemite Sam - guns blazing

A blogger, in my considered opinion is all of the above and more than could be stored on a terabyte hard drive. There is no limit to bloggers in number, ..or in intellect.

the old West - cyberspace

Cyberspace is the wild West, ..anyone can saddle a horse, albeit, ..not everyone can ride.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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