Monkey Business – Personified !

 five monkeys 2

(Monkeys – footloose and fancy free)

According to Webster: “per·son·i·fied,” (in context) To be the embodiment or perfect example of.

In a (secret study) conducted by an (anonymous group) of academics in an (undisclosed location) it was discovered how the U.S. Congress became the cohesive unit that we, (Americans) – (depending on your philosophical outlook,) came to either (revere) our representatives, – or outwardly (despise) them.

The study was conducted under the strictest parameters and supervision: …


lab coat - rats 1a

 (Academic Group – a.k.a. – “they”).

The independent bipartisan group who shall hereinafter be referred to as “they” began by placing five (chronologically) adult monkeys (without regard for color or sex) in a cage equipped with a staircase that spiraled up to the apex of the cage where a fresh…

brilliant yellow banana 1a

…hung from a red string.

five monkeys 1Once oriented to their surroundings, a (dominant) monkey will emerged and attempt to climb the staircase in pursuit of the brilliant yellow banana hanging from the red string.

monkey business 2

 (Birmingham Alabama, 1963).

However, once the (venturous) monkey reached out to touch the banana, ..(he or she) ..was (immediately) washed off (his or her) feet with a (powerful) firehose, ..thus being (denied) access to the banana…

..the other monkeys are also mercilessly sprayed with cold water.

After a while life returns to calm and another monkey makes an attempt to access the banana with the same result…

Of course with life being a linear event, ..very soon another monkey tries to climb the stairs, ..albeit at this juncture the other monkeys fearing another dousing with cold water try to prevent (his or her) effort…

Now, “they” cease using the firehose and remove a monkey from the cage and replace it with a new one.

The new monkey observes the banana and attempts to climb the stairs. Albeit, (his or her) dismay and chagrin, all of the other monkeys attack and beat the crap out of (him or her).

monkey business 2  - frightened mo

According to Webster: “cha·grin,” A keen feeling of mental anguish, or embarrassment, caused by failure.

monkey business - firehose 3

After another attempt and another attack, (he or she) knows that if (he or she) ..tries to climb the stairs again, (he or she) will be viciously assaulted.

At which point, “they” remove another of the original five monkeys and replace it with a new one.

The new monkey attempts to negotiate the stairs to access the banana and is attacked. The previous newcomer (now) takes part in the punishment with enthusiasm, because now (he or she) is part of the “team.”

As “they” are (extremely pleased) with the progress in the study, “they” replace yet another of the original five monkeys with a new one, followed by the fourth and then the fifth.

Every time the newest monkey takes to the stairs to access the banana (he or she) is viciously accosted.

At this point the monkeys involved in beating up the newest monkey have absolutely no idea why they are accosting the new monkey.

With all five of the original monkeys having been replaced, although none of the current monkeys have ever been accosted with the firehose, ..(none) of the new monkeys will make an attempt to access the banana.

praying monkey - monkey busines 2

Question: Why will none of the new monkeys make an attempt to reach the banana?

Answer: Because in their (indoctrinated) minds, ..that’s the way it’s always been.

This, my fellow Americans is the way “our” (elected officials) operates, at every level, and that is why at this low point in America’s history, ..(all the monkeys) need to be (replaced) at (the same time).

huddles of fear 1

Americans do not deserve to live in fear of “our” elected officials like a troop of hosed monkeys.

stop Obamacare - page break 2

sheep holding up traffic 1

The sheep in America are definitely the (hold up) in traffic. 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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