Wanna hear something funny?

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According to Webster: “fun·ny,” (in context) Causing laughter or amusement.

According to a report I received the other day, it would seem that a good number of Obama’s “progressive liberal” folks from academia and Hollywood are soon to find themselves with Obama’s “teeth prints” indelibly etched on their butts…

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“Artists, photographers, writers, and other members of the “creative class” who have access to health insurance through many professional organizations will lose that coverage when Obamacare, the (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) is implemented.

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Professional organizations have offered reduced-rate insurance plans for their members, through insurance providers.

“But thanks to the fine print in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, on January 1, 2014, many of these plans will fail to pass legal muster,” The Weekly Standard reported.

One professional organization, the College Art Association — a 13,000-member group for practitioners and scholars in art, art history, and art criticism — posted this notice on its website: “The New York Life Insurance Company recently informed CAA that it will no longer offer catastrophic healthcare coverage previously available to CAA members.”

The notice disclosed that it “is no longer an option” for “associations whose members reside in different states” to provide coverage.

Instead, members will have to seek coverage from their home state’s new Obamacare exchanges.

The Entertainment Industry Group Insurance Trust’s website stated: “All individual and/or Sole Proprietor Health Insurance will terminate January 1, 2014. This includes plans acquired as members of our Affiliated Associations and their groups.”

Those associations include the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, the Dramatists Guild, the Graphic Arts Guild, NY Women in Film and Television, and others.

In most cases, freelance artists, designers, and musicians forced to enter the state-run exchanges will see their insurance premiums rise, according to The Weekly Standard.

Ironically, Nancy Pelosi back in 2010 touted the benefits of Obamacare this way: “Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance.”

The Weekly Standard notes: “Pelosi’s vision of a world full of carefree artists, musicians, and writers is a mirage and becoming fainter the closer we get to January 1.” (Source, Newsmax.com).

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A small, albeit quite significant follow-up to the above ha-ha.

AFL - CIO 1a

Union leaders are sounding the alarm on Obamacare, a recent AFL – CIO vote was taken to demand changes in Obamacare.

is that funny or what 1A

Editorial: if you’re a “conservative” (who understood from day one) ..who Barack Obama was, ..and what a Barack Obama was about? You have to (at least) feel “a little bit of vindication” over knowing that the (progressive liberal ilk) …

Obama campaign signs 1

Who carried Obama’s signs, ..

..and cast their vote for change, ..are now all scrambling to get their “fubar” (changed back) to the way things were, (or at least), ..to some other “end” than crushing their ignorant little lives.

According to urban dictionary.com: “fubar,” (blanked) up beyond all repair.

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who is man1a

A question in closing; “Who is man, ..and what is his purpose on this planet?

tall ship 1

Man has sailed the Seven Seas in tall Ships..

man on the moon 2a

..man has walked on the moon,

virtual reality 1a

..man has invented technologies beyond imagination.

large guerrilla 1a

Yet no man who has viewed the image above has noticed the large guerrilla approaching from the right! 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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