Reality Rules..

As reality plays a major league role in my life, I find myself considering the idea of making a change? Although I have enjoyed publishing my “Sunday Morning Trivia offerings,” it is (through my readers offerings) ..on (my comment page), that my position is one in the minority.

Accordingly, I have decided to take a shot at providing a forum for you, my readers, which I have decided to uniquely entitle: …

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Which I initiate today with a question continuously asked: … (paraphrased) “What is your secret for writing something interesting every day?

Reply: “Imagination, perseverance, ..and a dictionary.

A Question from “goldentrevae” @ ..

What is your ideology for America? In that President Obama’s mother sides of his family are tenth generation “white” folks, I believe he is the epitome of solid Americanism. I do not understand how a first, second, or third generation “white” person can come over here to America and dictate what is or is not American. That really upsets me that such newcomers feel so entitled to think they have the recipe of what constitutes the ideology of “American.” America has been around since 1609 and more certainly, since 1627. I believe Obama’s white side are from the original white folks that built this country on the backs of slaves and slavery. Newcomer, white people have really enjoyed the fruits from the blood, sweat, and tears of black people that built this country from the bottom up via the tyranny of the British white slave masters. Obama is a product of everything “British.” Remember the British ruled the world. Well, you should be able to fill in the rest.
Obama mother’s family has black blood running via their veins via (white master to black mother via a male). Yeah, many blacks that looked like Butterfield “passed” even in the modern era. My grandmother, for example, could have “passed” as a couple of her siblings did.

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Hello Goldie, How long an individual has lived in America is inconsequential. What is consequential, is what ( is in ) ..the individuals “heart and mind.” In my case, I am a proud fourth generation American on my mother’s side of my family, and a fifth generation American on my father’s side.

As it has not yet been proven to (my) satisfaction that Barack Obama was actually born within the legitimate jurisdiction of the United States, I reserve my (human) right to judge.


My reasoning; An individual that cannot or will not? proceed to the file, the drawer, or cigar box where the family keeps such important documents, is the first indicator that an individual has something to hide.

Hiding where you were born is cravenly and dishonest!


Homo sapiens currently receive, analyze and assimilate more information in a day than a hundred of our ancestors did in a week.

The difference, our ancestors (more often than not) received the truth, whereas today? We are more often challenged by separating the chaff from the wheat, and/or, ..the (truth) from the tons of misinformation we are provided.

What I write is what I believe, and/or, (my opinion), which I hopefully state often enough to eliminate confusion.

crystal ball 1

I do not have a crystal ball, I have (in my opinion), something much better, I have God-Given Common Sense and Google.

According to Webster: “i·de·ol·o·gy,” The body of ideas reflecting the social needs and aspirations of an individual, a group, a class, or a culture.

founding fathers 4

Fact: America was founded in 1776.

Not 1609 - Page Break

Virginia colony 1609

(Jamestown – 1609).

Fact: In the winter of 1609 at Jamestown in the colony of Virginia, starvation took all but 60 of the 500 colonists who resided there.


There were ( no ) “Dunham’s” among the survivors in Jamestown in the winter of 1609.


Reality Rules - Page Break 4a

America’s ideology was formed by the men who penned the Constitution, ..not me, ..and not Barack Obama.

Constitution - poster 1

The U.S. Constitution is America’s ideology.

Do your homework, America is not about black and white as Barack Obama and his ilk would like you to think. America is about opportunity and freedom unavailable anywhere else on this great big blue planet of ours.

While I was growing up I was surrounded by men (mentors) who fought in World War II. (Americans) who put their lives on the line to maintain freedom, not just for those who lived in America, but those who lived in every nation beset upon by Adolf Hitler and the Emperor Hirohito in their quest to dominate men and women for no better reasons than ego lust and greed.

If you take the time to read Barack Obama’s bio, or even the book he wrote, you will understand that Barack Obama in his formative years was surrounded by individuals, ..(men and women), (mentors), who believed in communism, socialism, and Islam.


In (my personal opinion) Barack Obama is driven by that same; “ego – lust – and greed.”


America’s founding fathers were Christians, as represented not only on our money, God is represented on “our” public buildings, ‘our” monuments, our National Anthem, ..and above the bench where “our” highest justices sit to interpret “our” laws. Every session of Congress is opened in tribute with a prayer and a concession to God.

One of the most wonderful things about America is that there is no restriction on those who do not believe in God, freedom and opportunity, (they) have the right to leave anytime they want?

Fact: The North American continent has been on the planet in some form since the beginning of the beginning, I am not in possession of that date.

I always do my homework… 

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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