Sunday Morning Trivia – Girls just wanna have fun..

Cyndi Lauper caricature 1

..girls just wanna have fun’un,

red Star - page break 1a

I could have been a contender 1a

What about me?

I like to have fun – I mean, ..why do you think I became the President of the United States? Simple, because presidents get to play basketball or golf, ..anytime we want to, ..not to mention that we can take a vacation, to Hawaii, or Martha’s Vineyard at the drop of a hat, – because presidents are very important people.

red Star - page break 1a

yes my mother was white 1

In fact, presidents are among the most important people in the world. Even if you were just a guy that helped people fill out their welfare applications, ..and lived off of your wife’s salary, ..once you get elected president, you can write your own ticket, – you get to tell everyone what to do, – you get to ride around in helicopters and on Air Force One, – anytime you want to. All you have to do is tell the people that work for you that you want to go somewhere, – and nobody ever tells the president that he can go, – because he’s the President.

I even authorized my wife to dig up the White House lawn so we could grow our own turnips and collard greens. You can’t do that if you work for General Motors, ..or IBM, – they’d run yer butt off their property in a heartbeat.

red Star - page break 1a

a legend in his own mind 1a

It’s great to be the president, I’m a legend in my own time, or at least in my own mind.

red Star - page break 1a

big boy wannabe 1a

Do you fools think that I care about what people think of me, hell no, – ‘cuz I’m the president of the United States.

red Star - page break 1a

the real Barack Obama 1a

I make decisions that not only affect everyone in the United States, – I make decisions that affect everybody in the world.

red Star - page break 1a

they always chose me last 1a

So why in the hell did the kids I grew up with always pick me last?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusadr Rabbit…

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