Wisdom from Nature (part two) – Man vs. Water..

Michael Phelps 1

(Olympic gold medalist – Michael Phelps).

Question: Pondering the question of man challenging water, could there be a better example currently than Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps?

Absolutely not, or at least there wouldn’t be if my question today concerned individuals negotiating water.

Albeit, since my purpose here today is to provide a narrative, and/or, (my considered opinion) of who is better suited to life on our planet, ..mankind, ..or water?

So here we go, since mankind did not arrive on this planet as early as water, and even if he had? They, ..(he or she), wouldn’t have been able to record their participation in the development taking place around them as history is certain that pencils didn’t come into being until after a large graphite deposit was discovered in Burrowsdale, England in 1564.

oldest wood pencil 1

 Prior to the Burrowsdale discovery, man was limited…

grocery list 1

Thank God…

thank God for finger paints 1

..for finger paints.

Which of course, those of us in the know, understand that it was our early ancestors finger paints that led to the Binney & Smith Company, ..which evolved in 1903 into producing their first version of wax crayons that we all now know and love as

Crayola 64 pack

Which of course were responsible for the development of color television in HD, – Blu-ray – iPhones – iPads – and America’s …

American astronauts 1a

..astronauts to be first on the moon.

Each and every development crucial to American society as we’ve come to know it today.

page break - cartoon 1a

Think about it, ..without finger paints, ..pencils, ..iPads and iPhones, and color television in HD, ..it’s very possible that mankind would still be made up of self-reliant, responsible Homo sapiens.

can Timmy come out and fight 2

Not saying that mankind wouldn’t still be warring with each other, albeit if we had to take each other out individually with a gnarled club or a sharpened stone, ..war would indeed be less attractive.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Accordingly, I cast my vote for water, ..as water spends its entire life rolling up on silver sand laden beaches, ..or falling from the sky as gentle rain drops to provide life, instead of extinguishing it.

blue Lagoon 1

Question: Does water have a life?

To which of course I would reply, ..water is life. Thus being an eternal optimist, ..if something is life, ..then it follows, (at least in my opinion), ..that it has life.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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