Who Gives a Hoot?

 who gives a hoot 1

According to Webster: “hoot,” To utter the characteristic cry of an owl.

Albeit, the number one answer for my purpose here today is;

According to Merriam-Webster: “rau·cous,” Rough-sounding and harsh.

man screaming 1


Nationally advertised rhetoric…

Obama care 3

Obamacare “will provide” a number of (FREE) services… 

According to Webster: “free,” (in context) Costing nothing; gratuitous.

free lunch 6

 ..now that’s funny!

jeering laughter 1

According to Merriam-Webster: “fun·ny,” Causing laughter or amusement.

repeal Obamacare - page break 1a

down with Obamacare 1a

With approximately 70% of America’s population in abject opposition to Obamacare, … 

why Obamacare 1

repeal Obamacare - page break 1a

Moving on, ..why is Barack Obama still defiling the furniture in the Oval Office with his size 12’s ?

Obama - foot defiling desk 1

An edict from my mother; “People who put their feet on their furniture, show little respect for themselves. People who put their feet on other people’s furniture, show little or no respect for anything.” 

My two cents; An individual who puts his feet on the furniture in the Oval Office, showed zero respect for the office. If the individual shows no respect for the office. (In my opinion), he shows no respect for America.

repeal Obama - page break 1a

Question: Is Barack Obama, formerly (community organizer) Obama, really the individual that America wants in the Oval Office with his finger on a button that could easily start world war three?

World War III

Earlier this week, (September 2, 2013) Sen. John McCain from Arizona and Sen. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina held a “wink-wink,” (crisis) ..press conference after meeting with our (on-the-job training) commander-in-chief concerning America’s responsibility in Syria?

Both men were adamant that something needed to be done, albeit, as protocol, ..and/or, “standard operating procedure” for tenured politicians, ..neither said anything tangible.

class warfare - cartoon

Question: Isn’t our (on-the-job training) commander in chief’s agenda” turning black folks against whites folks, the working-class against Wall Street, ..and vice versa, ..as well as pitting the poor and disenfranchised against everyone, ..enough for one thin Chicago (ex-community organizer)?

foreign-policy for dummies 2  - ca

Question: Are U.S. taxpayers and the military responsible for Obama’s shortcomings?

Indisputable fact: There are no “community organizers” ..on the field of combat.

combat soldier 7

Combat troops de-organize communities.

repeal Obama - page break 1a

In closing, another indisputable fact…

caricature 2 - Barack and Michell

 Barack and Michelle love Barack and Michelle.


The Stars and Strips – Not so much.

Michelle with microphone 1a

As a bona fide (non-Kool-Aid) drinker; ( I ) ..still remember Michelle’s infamous announcement: “For the first time in my life I’m proud of my country.”

repeal Michelle - page break 2b

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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