A Turd.. (Challenge).

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According to Webster: turd (tûrd) n. Vulgar Slang. 1. A piece of excrement. 2. A person regarded as contemptible.

Question: Have you ever had one of those days where you stepped in it?

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In a conversation with a friend a few days ago…

According to Webster: “con·ver·sa·tion,” A spoken exchange of thoughts, opinions, and feelings; a talk.

In the course of our conversation my friend inquired about my blog, – general questions such as; “Are more people reading it now?” ..and; “How do you keep coming up with new ideas every day?”

To which of course I replied; “I really have no idea.” To his first question, – and to the second; “Ideas are as plentiful as raindrops, or words in the dictionary, – all I need is a word and I can write a blog with it.”

To which of course my friend took exception, responding with; “You’re telling me that you can write a blog using any word in the dictionary?”

How many of you out there, ..(have not) ..heard the phrase, (in one form or another); “Don’t let your explications overload your intellect?” More commonly expounded; “Don’t let your mouth overload your ass.”

Being that my friend is somewhat younger than myself with a (limited vocabulary), ..at that point I would have preferred to move on to the weather or the price of tea in China, however since my friend thought that he had me in a corner, he chose not to let it go. Accordingly, this morning I am posting a blog entitled; “A Turd.”

Which of course, we all know from Webster’s definition is; “A piece of excrement or a person regarded as contemptible.

According to Merriam-Webster: “con·tempt·i·ble,” Deserving of contempt; despicable.

Despicable; A word that could (unequivocally) describe my friend for presenting this challenge, or it could just as easily (in my opinion) describe our current commander-in-chief’s socialist ideology and unconstitutional agenda.

how am I doing so far - page br

Albeit Wikipedia does not provide a “bio” for a turd, ..it does provide a “bio” for a “Turd Blossom.”

turd blossoms - Red 1a


“Turd Blossom” (or Sand Turd) is a Texan term for a flower which grows from a pile of cow dung.

As Turd Blossom, the term has gained notoriety in the United States as a (sobriquet) that was reportedly assigned by former U.S. President George W. Bush as a term of endearment for his former chief political advisor, ..

Karl Rove 1

(Karl Rove – aka – Turd Blossom).

In July 2005, several newspapers declined to run two Doonesbury comic strips portraying Bush addressing Rove by this nickname.

According to Webster: “so·bri·quet,” An affectionate or humorous nickname.

Okay, ..so is that it; ..is there anything else interesting or informative about a turd?

a rose by any other name - suit

To plagiarize a bit from Shakespeare; “A rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.”

orange and black - page break 1

Well, ..that’s true for a turd as well, ..(with a slight variation),

cow pie - repugnant

 “As a turd by any other name, ..would smell as repugnant.”

orange and black - page break 1

Question: How many different names are there for a turd?

Excrement – Human Feces – Bear Scat – Bat Guano – Deer Droppings – Cow Pies – Buffalo Chips, ..and the list could go on for days, ..depending on your geographical location, your heritage and your character, ..and/or, ..your lack thereof.

Being a resident of South Dakota, and a lifelong participant in the activity of hunting, I would count myself among those familiar with a large number of Turds, ..and further, as a patriotic American thoroughly disgusted with our current commander-in-chief, and our current employees throughout government, I believe myself to be just as familiar with the turds that walk the halls of Congress.

Postscript: You didn’t think I could do it, .. did you?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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