Wisdom from Nature – Dehydration..

dehydration 1a

According to Webster: “de·hy·dra·tion,” Excessive loss of fluids from a substance, a compound or the body.

rehydration 1

According to Webster: “re”hy·dra“tion,” To replenish the body, the substance or the compound with fluids.

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Question: What’s the difference between a chemical and an element?

agent orange - poster 1a

(Agent Orange is a chemical).

According to Webster: “chem·i·cal,” A substance with a distinct molecular composition that is produced.

Question: Who produces chemicals?

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natural gold nugget 3

(Gold is an element).

According to Webster: “el·e·ment,” A fundamental, essential, or irreducible constituent of a composite entity.

Question: Who produces elements? Depending upon whom you’re talking to, ..the answer could be both God and nature. (In my opinion) ..both answers would be correct, ..because elements are found in nature, and God, (by my yardstick) ..is the creator of nature.

God's kingdom 1a

(We all live in God’s Kingdom).

Hawkins and Mahr 1a

 (Even those who doubt).

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Question: Can you name a couple of elements, and do you have a favorite? …Absolutely!

My two favorite elements (without question) would be hydrogen and oxygen, ..when I was young I had a great fondness for sodium, ..albeit when I discovered that I had high blood pressure, (sodium) although a necessity to sustain life, resides quite near the bottom of the page of these days, ..or another good example would be; “In the bottom of my (things that I can live without box), ..next to gold, ..silver, ..and platinum.

Not that I don’t appreciate gold silver and platinum, ..albeit when it comes to metals that I need, I’d much prefer the iron I get from a T-bone steak or a bar of lead that I can cast into bullets.


“I live in the real world.”

danger in the real world 1a

(There are dangers in the real world). 


I was prescribed magnesium after my heart attack in ‘07, so I suppose I would add that to my list of favorites along with my calcium and potassium.

There are 109 elements on the periodic table if anyone’s interested?

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In staving off dehydration, my favorite recipe is “H2O,” ..you combine one part oxygen with two parts hydrogen and..

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waterfall - dehydration 1

..you’ve got water!

According to Webster: “wa·ter,” A clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless liquid.

Great stuff, ..essential for all plant and animal life and the most widely used solvent on the planet. Freezing point 0°C (32°F); boiling point 100°C (212°F); specific gravity (4°C) 1.0000; weight per gallon 8.337 pounds (3.772 kilograms).

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Question: Who changes and travels more during “their” lifetime, …

relationships 1

Homo sapiens, ..


..or water? 

To find out, ..come back next week.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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