Question of the Day – What is Color?

color 1

According to Merriam-Webster: “col·or,” …

1. That aspect of things that is caused by differing qualities of the light reflected or emitted by them, definable in terms of the observer or of the light, as: a. The appearance of objects or light sources described in terms of the individual’s perception of them, involving hue, lightness, and saturation for objects and hue, brightness, and saturation for light sources. b. The characteristics of light by which the individual is made aware of objects or light sources through the receptors of the eye, described in terms of dominant wavelength, luminance, and purity.

2. A substance, such as a dye, pigment, or paint, that imparts a hue.

3.a. The general appearance of the skin; complexion. b. A ruddy complexion. c. A reddening of the face; a blush.

4. The skin pigmentation of a person not classed as white.


USAGE NOTE: The terms person of color and people of color have been revived for use in formal contexts to refer to members or groups of non-European origin (e.g., Black people, Asians, Pacific Islanders, and Native Americans): “These are profound tendencies which strike at the middle class as well as the poor, at whites as well as people of color” (Jesse Jackson). Many people prefer people of color as a rough substitute for minorities because these groups are not in fact in the minority in many parts of America.

color - page break 1A 

color wheel 2b

A primary color is a color that cannot be made from a combination of any other colors. A secondary color is a color created from a combination of two primary colors. Tertiary color is a combination of three colors (primary or secondary).

colors - chart 1a

Printers and artists have different definitions for primary colors. The traditional primary colors that painters have used are red, yellow, and blue. Modern printing press secondary colors are magenta, yellow, and cyan. These two primary color systems obviously do not agree. Additive and subtractive are the two primary methods for reproducing a range of color.

Note: Neither (white, nor black) are represented on the color wheel, ..neither are primary colors, …secondary colors, ..or tertiary colors.

Fact: If you turn a color wheel at a high enough rpm, all color fades, (not to the theatrical) ..fade to black, ..but to white.

Bill O Reilly - caricature 2a

..and speaking of white,

Bill O’Reilly is back on his white horse this week, explicating, and/or “opining” ..about the fact that nearly 75% of all black children born in America today, are born out of wedlock and raised without fathers.

Question: With this line of (crap) rhetoric, Bill O’Reilly any different, and/or, ..superior to Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson?

I think not

Do the math Bill, don’t simply throw large statistical numbers out there to suit your personal agenda. That’s what Al, Jesse and Barack do.

Come on Bill, anybody who’s ever occupied the backseat of a 49 Chevy with a girl other than their sister understands that after a couple a “suds,” ..or some Peruvian “bud,” Caucasian girls are no smarter than black girls when it comes to getting pregnant.

You want statistics? According to the U.S. Census 16.5% of our population being “Germans, (Caucasian). 11.9% of our population, Irish, (Caucasian). Following the Irish, with 9.0 % of our population, ..the English, (Caucasians). Then 5.8% of our population are Italian, (Caucasian.) 4% of our population are French, (Caucasians). Followed by 3% of our population, being Polish, (Caucasians). Although a diminutive number by comparison, 1.9% of our population are Scottish, ..more (Caucasians). Followed by 1.6% of our population, ..from Norway, and/or, Norwegian, (Caucasians). Last (on the list) albeit just as Caucasian, 1.4% of our Caucasian population is Swedish.

George Zimmerman - surprise

(George Zimmerman).

Accordingly, ..even if we “exclude” America’s first (white) Hispanic individual, ..and/or, (George Zimmerman), the total Caucasian, ..and/or, (white) ..population of America is 72.4% of America’s total population.

As of July 1, 2013, the United States had a total resident population of 316,537,000, making it the third-most populous country in the world…

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2010), black people, and/or, (African-Americans) comprise 12.3% of America’s population.

Question: If 75% of half, ..of America’s 12.3% African-American population gets pregnant out of wedlock, ..what percentage of half of America’s 72.4% (white) population would have to get pregnant to arrive at the same number of illegitimate children? 

ethnic babies 1

The U.S. Census Bureau “estimates,” ..and/or, ..predicts that according to (birthrate demographics) ..the (Caucasian, ..or, “white” population) in America will lose its majority status by 2043.

Question: Who chose the names for the colors on the color wheel, ..and why did “he or she” ..choose to omit black and white?

Could it be because black and white are not true colors?

gold picture frame 1a

Question: What do you find most attractive about the picture above?

explosion of color 1a

When are Homo sapiens, ..and/or “folks” going to get around to understanding that life is not black and white, life is an…

explosion of color 4a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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