Question of the Day – Good, Bad or Lucky..

feeling lucky punk 1A

Given a choice, ..would you prefer to be Good or Lucky?

Looking back over the past 65 years or so as my guide, I’ve always come out better behind luck over ability.

Case in point; when I was six years old raking the oak leaves from in front of Lupe’s Café in Thousand Oaks, California to earn a dollar, I found a $10 bill.

Lucky - page break 1a

Another time while working as a roustabout the summer of 1957. I was 15 years old, ..I was six foot four, ..and I tip the scale at about 185. Accordingly, I was hired by the company my father worked for on a crew put together to sort, load and dispose of obsolete tooling and trash in general cleaning up the area where my father’s company rotated the aircraft and aircraft parts which they restored.

We were in the process of loading L-shaped H beams about 20 feet long X 9 feet high onto a lowboy flatbed trailer when gravity stepped in before the guys on the truck lashed down the last beam the Crane operator cut loose. Gravity plus the weight of the beam (approximately 800 pounds) ..began a course aimed directly at my head while my attention was on other than the beam in motion.

So where does luck fall into this situation you ask? …

On that morning I was working with a man by the name of Jesse Perkins, Jesse was my height, albeit with twice my girth. Jesse shouted a warning in time for me to look up just as the beam straddled my cranium.

The impact was substantial, however I walked away with nothing more than a slight bump, due to Jesse’s courage and brawn, because Jesse didn’t shy from his humanity.

Lucky - page break 1a

Jesse was a black man “heavy on the MAN factor.” .. (African-Americans hadn’t been invented yet,)  ..we remained friends until he passed away in 1989.

lady luck - dice 1a

While serving in Vietnam on November 12, 1965, Lady Luck punched my dance card again when a 60 mm mortar round on a collision course (once again) with my brainpan, missed by sufficient inches to convince my antagonists that I was no longer a viable threat, ..while I endured a ringing in my head that was beyond comprehensive description, …

Mohamed Ali 1

..even by a foe of the incomparable Mohamed Ali.

Lucky - page break 1a

I once drove my…


..XKE Jaguar to 160 miles an hour and commonly negotiated America’s highways and byways at eighty, ..or “above” when astride my motorcycle.

a death wish perhaps 2a

Not at all, has long been the nature of human beings prior to their 40th Birthday to validate stupidity.

Lucky - page break 1a

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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