In the light of Day – Three

in the light of day - sun and c

Unbeknownst to Barack Obama and his “progressive ilk,” the United States Constitution is the foundation of America. It is the (unalienable) law that sets the standards for America.

According to Webster: “un·al·ien·a·ble,” Not to be separated, given away, or taken away; inalienable.

scales of justice - bronze  1

According to Webster: “stan·dard,” (in context)  1. A measure of comparison for quantitative or qualitative value; a criterion. 2. A requirement of moral conduct.

When our courageous ancestors, both the men who pinned the Declaration of Independence and the men who validated it’s content by volunteering to serve in the Continental Army.

Continental Army 1

They didn’t stand against King George’s redcoats to provide a future for politicians and money lenders, they stood against King George’s tyranny, establish “freedom” and provide a future for themselves and their families, a cost of fifty thousand Americans, dead and wounded.

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Weapons Squad - 1965

Editorial: From personal experience, (war at its very best) categorically stupid, horrifying and appalling….

In Vietnam, neither myself, ..nor the men who stood beside me, ..risked “our” lives for an “unjust” tea tax, ..we risked our lives in the guise of defeating communism.

For the record, between November 1, 1955 and April 30, 1975, 58,220 Americans died, with 303,644 wounded. Total dead from the Vietnam conflict, 480,538,807,564.

Wars, “recent or historic” are the ultimate blight on humanity and a disgrace to every decent God-fearing man woman and child on the planet. 

..yet we currently not only “elect” communists and socialists into our political offices, we employ them in all walks of life and allow them to walk the streets of America with impunity.


Question: Is there anything in man’s history worse than war?

absent frigate lewdly 2

A society that condones “war or killing” for a purpose other than defense of itself or defense of its allies.

Between WW I, ..WW II, ..Korea, ..Vietnam, ..Iraq I, ..Iraq II and Afghanistan, an astronomical number of Homo sapiens have been slain and slaughtered for (greed) in the name of one ideology or another?

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California transportation syste

Earlier this a.m., ..while catching up on what’s going on in America, ..and around the world. I was privy to a narrative depicting California’s hankering to construct a high-speed transportation system that would propel people through a sizable tube via compressing air.

Question: (alluding to your God-given common sense) what is the merit and value to the common folks in California, ..a State on the verge of bankruptcy, spending tens of billions of taxpayer’s dollars to provide transportation between Los Angeles and San Francisco in 30 minutes?

people are not bullets 1a

Question: What could be so important to anyone to want to travel through an overland tube faster than a .45 ACP bullet travels through the barrel of a Colt 1911-A1 model pistol?

people tube 1

California proposes that it’s (proposed) transportation system will travel at 700 mph, which equates to 1026.6 feet per second.

bullet ignition 2

A Colt model 1911-A-1 pistol chambered in .45 ACP caliber, (like the one I carried in Vietnam to protect the world from communism), will discharge a projectile through it’s barrel at a rate of 800 feet per second…

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human cannonball 2

beyond the scope of Hollywood 1a

human cannonball 1apeople are not bullets 2A

Nor do people fare well when targeted by bullets, ..or when they stop against a solid object when traveling at the speed a bullet.

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Transportation and the availability thereof has always been a tremendous benefit to mankind in his never-ending “perceived” need to get (somewhere) just a little sooner.


 (Wells Fargo stagecoach – circa 1880).

Amtrak train 1

(Amtrak train – mid-20th century).

current jumbo jet 1

 (Current Jumbo Jet).

Currently an individual can fly from Los Angeles to San Francisco in an estimated 57 minutes (at 500 miles an hour) or vice versa for a fee ranging between $435 and $572.

Question: Can anyone, (who is not mentally impaired) justify spending from $10 Billion to lessen the transportation time between Los Angeles and San Francisco to thirty minutes?

Better Question: What will a Homo sapien be required to pay to be shot through a tube at a staggering 700 miles an hour, and or, 1026.6 feet per second and how many of California’s welfare recipients will be able to afford a ticket?

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Factoid: “California’s taxpayers are the benefactors to one-third of all of America’s welfare recipients, …

welfare recipients 2a

..nevertheless California is home to only one-eighth of America’s total population.” Do the Math! (Source, national

to the rescue 1a

Obama drops work requirement 1

With Barack Obama’s penchant for enslaving America via dependence on the government, ..and/or, ..more correctly, (his) administration, California taxpayers are now feeding…

food stamps surfer 1a

(Jason Greenslate – the Food Stamps Surfer).

..twenty-nine year old Jason Greenslate, and according to a Fox News interview, ..several of his sushi and lobster loving friends.


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concept 1areality is not a concept 1A 

reality - realityreality is reality 1A

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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