Remunerations for Mutineers..

remuneration 1

According to Webster: “re·mu·ner·a·tion,” The act of remunerating; – such as a payment that remunerates.

mug shot - illegal alien

According to Webster: “mu·ti·neer,” (in context) n. One who takes part in a mutiny.

Pirates - Canon blazing

Not all pirates arrive on tall ships with cannons blazing..

illegal aliens - nigh 2a t

..some arrive quietly in the dead of night.

illegal aliens - mutineers 1

..and others, boldly enter America in the light of day.

God bless America - page break

According to Webster: “mu·ti·ny,” Open rebellion against constituted authority.

Question: Does the U.S. Constitution (qualify) as a constituted authority?

If your answer is yes, or any other expression of affirmation, please continue and answer the following questions.

Jan Brewer  - American 1a

Question: Do you think the Obama administration recognizes the U.S. Constitution as a qualified constituted authority?

How much of America’s “National Debt” could be paid off, or prevented in the first place, ..if the Obama Administration “enforced” America’s immigration laws?

God bless America - page break

Laura Lerner - IRS

(Lois Lerner).

Question: Can anyone (with certainty) tell me why the men and women that we hire to manage and facilitate every facet and level of our government don’t seem to have a clue as to their responsibility when you shine a light on them?’

God bless America - page break

As a matter of record, the IRS has for at least two decades provided tax refunds in the amount of millions, ..if not billions of U.S. dollars, ..or more correctly, (Federal Reserve Notes), to thousands, ..if not millions of undocumented workers, ..or, illegal aliens.

we the people - page break 1 


According to Webster: “rab·ble,” A tumultuous crowd; a mob.

a tumultuous crowd 1a

(A tumultuous crowd).

Question: Who’s the “Greatest Hazard ” to America, ..the rabble…

illegal aliens - group

Those that enter America illegally with impunity…

Obama cabinet 1

..or the “socialist ilk” who allow illegal immigrants to enter America with impunity?

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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