O’Reilly’s Reality..

O'Reilly's reality 1a

..but then I suppose that’s to be expected, ..as Bill O’Reilly attended Harvard University, ..the same as Barack Obama and many other Americans who currently (make due in our dwindling economy) via a Multi-Million Dollar Bank accounts.

Yeah sure, when Bill O’Reilly tells you that he’s looking out for you (the folks) ..then he solicits you to purchase one of his (killing somebody) books,…

O'Reillys Killing Books 1a

..or join his (premium members) club, (in truth) bill is looking out for bill.

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Question: What about Bill’s involvement and support of the wounded warriors project?

wounded warrior project 4a

Good question, glad you asked; because I’m never too busy to explain to my audience about the collusion between rich elitists…

Steven Nardizzi is a young New York lawyer..

Steven Nardizzi is also the CEO of the “Wounded Warriors Project, ..although Steven (did not found) ..the “Wounded Warriors Project,” he is the current CEO of the organization.

Steven is a handsome and charismatic young individual who allows himself $319,000 a year for his services.

whatever those services might b

You can do the math, or you can trust mine; which I gleaned from my Google calculator…

According to my Google calculator it requires 25,800 donors at $19 each to cover Steven Nardizzi’s salary for one year.

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Back to Bill…

Mr Bill 1a

(I should be the Messiah – not Barry).

For the last week or so now, Mr. Bill has been crusading, and/or, rampaging against the ethics of the good Rev. Al Sharpton, and pretty much everyone else in America’s (civil rights industry).

Bill wants you to think that it’s evil and wrong for someone to use people as products in the pursuit of wealth and power.

And of course, being a 71-year-old Homo sapien who is in touch with his (common sense), I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Bill within that province.

Where I find fault with Mr. Bill is? Mr. Bill is the proverbial pot calling the proverbial kettle black.

Anyway, as my purpose here this morning is not to attack Mr. Bill, but rather to set Mr. Bill straight on the facts, as Mr. Bill so often explicates from his podium, (just the facts man, because the “O’Reilly Factor” …

no spin zone 1a

..is the no spin zone).

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Fact: Bottom Line, (as per one old high school dropout) there is an alarming difference between white people, ..and black people, ..founded in our DNA.

Biology 101; When a black man conceives a child with a white woman, ..they produce a black child.

When a white man conceives a child with a black woman, they produce a black child.

Question: What can you think of that is more “basic,” and/or, (bottom line) ..than “our” biology?

I could of course site examples, albeit if I were to do that, I would surely wake up someone in the “civil rights industry” who would undoubtedly label me as a racist and a bigot.

Because under the thumb of our current administration, ..two of “our inalienable” rights, (freedom of speech and freedom of the press) ..are not protected.

Editorial: Besides, if “per chance” there are one or two folks left in America who are “innocent enough” not to understand what I’m talking about? ..I believe it would be kinder to leave him or her to themselves.

Truth forges understanding, I’ll be back tomorrow


Crusader Rabbit…

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